Top Kickass Torrent Alternatives Which Work In July 2024

The way torrenting sites work has changed over the years, with ISP and governments banning their use. As the ones you used to get blocked, finding a Torrent Site that actually works from the vast pile of shady proxies which come up on a Google search is tiring. While searching for alternatives on Google is dangerous with a number of irrelevant ads popping it’s also a waste of time as Torrent Sites that actually do work never come upon a random Google search. That is why we have shortlisted the Top 5 Torrenting Sites which actually work and are safe to use.

Until a few years back the most used and trusted site for torrenting was Kickass Torrent. Unfortunately, this has been shut down after the owner Artem Vaulin was arrested by the US Department of Justice for copyright and money laundering offenses. The site than has been relaunched by the original staff in 2019 but has never been the same with its unusual and unpredictable downtime.

While there are many sites that have come up since then, not all are reliable and offer the content you are looking for. That is why we have shortlisted the Top 5 Torrent Sites that work as the best alternative to Kickass Torrent. Also, as Torrent sites are not safe it’s best advised to use them with a VPN which will keep your identity and data safe.

We do not support the use of Torrenting Sites for downloading copyrighted material in any which way as it’s illegal in many countries. Use a secure VPN while browsing to protect your identity and data.

Check out the top 5 Torrenting Sites that work and are the best alternative to KAT

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Visit Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site with a vast range of torrents available to choose from a wide range of categories. Since it was founded in 2003 it has evaded government shutdown and blocks.

While torrenting sites are not secure, TPB can be put under the secure category as it indicates if the torrent is from a trusted verified user. With an easy-to-navigate interface and over a million torrents, TPB is the undisputed king of torrenting.




RARBG is a great site for downloading high-quality, verified torrents every time. Founded in 2008 this site has comparatively a smaller collection of torrents, as all the uploads need to be verified by the moderators. This means legit high-quality torrents.

The site has a wide selection of torrents from movies, games, and tv shows which are organized in Top 10 lists for easy viewing. Recently RARBG has been blocked by countries including UK, Bulgaria, Denmark, and Portugal. The only downside of this site is that it has many pop-ups which could be dangerous. The best way to be safe is to use a secure VPN while surfing.

3. Zoogle


Visit Zoogle

Zoogle is your site for gaming, it also has torrents for movies and tv shows along with software. The site was founded in 2013 which makes it the newest on the list. Zoogle has an easy-to-use interface with great search and browsing features with 3.5 million+ verified torrents makes it one of the most widely used torrent sites.

The site provided information on each torrent from how many times it is downloaded, to the number of seeders and leechers, and when it was last checked by moderators.

4. 1337x

Visit 1337x

1337x is one of the oldest and popular torrent sites used. Founded in 2007 it is a reliable option with a wide range of high-quality torrents in each of its categories. It has a wide range of torrents in movies, tv shows, games, and music which can be easily found with its user-friendly interface. It simplifies searching your favorite shows and movies by categorizing them into Oscar winners, new episodes, and more.

The site has been recently been overhauled eliminating security risks, frequent pop-ups, and improving layout.

5. YTS

YTS Torrent

Visit YTS

YTS is your choice finding movies new and old. It has a great selection of movies compressed into smaller sizes but still of the highest quality. It’s a great choice for anyone with limited bandwidth.

The site is known for its great selection of movies from classic, new to obscure. If you are looking for games, tv shows, or songs you need to check out some of the other torrents mentioned above.

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Is torrenting legal?
Torrenting is illegal in most countries, which bans downloading and sharing copyrighted material. Having said that torrenting sites can be used for sharing files which are legal in most countries. As most of the torrenting sites contain copyrighted material they are banned by the ISPs and government.
Why should you use a VPN while torrenting?
Most of the countries have banned torrenting sites, which can be easily accessed by the use of a secure VPN. Also, by using a VPN connection while browsing torrenting sites you keep your identity and data protected from hackers, ISPs, and the government.
What is the alternative to using torrenting sites?
The alternative is to use Usenet which can be accessed through a paid subscription. The site is an alternative to torrenting which stored all its files in a centralized server instead of file sharing. It provides a faster and more private way of downloading but it still contains copyrighted material that is illegal to download.

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