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Ease of Use



  • Premium Monthly Plan @ $6.99/month
  • Families Monthly Plan @ $9.99/month
  • Premium Yearly Plan @ $3.99/month
  • Families Yearly Plan @ $5.99/month

No of. VPN Locations
250+ super high-speed servers in 43 locations worldwide

It’s a capable and fast VPN service offering good security. The logging laws are a bit of an issue and those having problems with it should steer clear.



SwitchVPN is a VPN provider which has a good networking capability to ensure that their users have seamless access to information, without breach of their privacy. It offers access to popular blocked sites on certain servers and offers unlimited bandwidth, among other advantages. The personal VPN provider has 145+ servers spread across 31 countries giving it the ability to offer online anonymity to its clients.SwitchVPN, deploy OpenVPN, solid encryption and allows up to 5 simultaneous connections. P2P torrenting is also allowed.

Get Started with SwitchVPN

Who should opt for SwitchVPN?

  • Those who need good speed
  • Chinese users
  • Those who need assistance with setting up the service
  • Those users who want Support for multiple VPN protocols.


Some of the best features of SwitchVPN include:

  • High-Security DNS
  • A wide international network of servers across multiple locations
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • High speed for gaming and streaming
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Free access to VPN protocols
  • Good customer support

All their apps are good and intuitive and you have a pleasant user experience. We tried both the desktop versions and the mobile apps. The mobile apps do not help you to choose protocols, there are very few servers and we noticed some issues with the Samsung devices. The customer service is reasonably good and your queries are answered promptly.



Pros & Cons

  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • OpenVPN
  • Can be used for BBC iPlayer
  • Bitcoin Payment accepted
  • P2P allowed
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee
  • No free trial
  • Plenty of  logging and monitoring
  • Speed not up to the mark
  • Mobile apps limited
  • Netflix US not available

More About SwitchVPN

Privacy and Security

The number 1 priority of any VPN service is the privacy and security it offers. The SwitchVPN has very good technical specifications: – OpenVPN, 256-bit SSL encryption, kill switch, etc. However, it is subject to US copyright laws which could lead to issues with P2P. They claim to keep no logs but if you notice the Privacy Policy carefully, there’s a list of data the company keeps. We noticed that data like names, addresses, IP addresses, network routes, etc. get collected.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat which is fast and accurate to help with any problem. It also has a detailed FAQ page.


SwitchVPN offers two exclusive packages for its customers: One is the 12 months package at a price of $5.82/month and the other is a 1-month package at $9.95/month. You have a 30 days money-back guarantee for both the packages.
Both packages come with the following features:

  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited downloads and uploads
  • IP Leak Protection
  • Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and more apps
  • P2P Support and Port Forwarding
  • Excellent speeds for gaming and streaming
  • Kill Switch
  • Customer Support
  • NAT Firewall

SwitchVPN uses the OpenVPN security protocol. It provides excellent encryption and a handshake technology carried over RSA-2014 and a 2048-bit static key. This provides an extra layer of security. The technology used for encryption is better than the industry standard and users can switch between protocols.
It offers an SSTP VPN protocol for customers in China and this can circumnavigate the great firewall of China. This is an India-based provider hence it has to comply with India-based laws. The company keeps these records for a maximum of 90 days.

Our Take

SwitchVPN uses OpenVPN security protocol. It provides excellent encryption and an extra layer of security. Use the latest SwitchVPN coupon codes for getting some of the best deals right from this page.


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