Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN On Android Phone

In this modern world, especially when COVID-19 has hit the world badly, people are doing their jobs from home. They have to work from home where they need laptops, a good internet connection, and many other required devices. What is highly required is a VPN! VPN has been trending very much for the last couple of years. Many people still do not know what a VPS is as it is a technical term, and not everyone understands such language. Let’s understand what a VPN is!

People might have questions about Why should they use a VPN? In this article, you will find many reasons why you should use a VPN on Android Phone. Let’s check them out.

For Security and Privacy

The biggest and most important reason for using a VPN is to protect your data and privacy, especially when using the internet. Many hackers out in the world can easily hack your system and misuse it. Internet Service Providers and many other IT organizations have different methods to keep intact the privacy of your online activities. One thing where people get fooled is, they believe that going incognito will save them from any hacking. No! Incognito is nothing but just a way where your history is not saved.

Some use VPN to just protect their criminal activities. But the major reason people use a VPN is that it offers you peace of mind. When using VPS, you do not have to worry about any leaking of your privacy or secrecy.

You will get the actual benefit of a VPN when you are using public Wi-Fi. A public network is easy to access, which means many people are connected to it and might get into your network or computer, thus hacking your data. Numerous public Wi-Fi networks are available, like at coffee shops, restaurants, colleges, hotels, etc. And we do not have any idea if there is any security on these networks or not. This is why we hear from everyone not to use public networks, especially not while you are doing some baking activity. But when you use a VPN, a tiny bit of your data is protected with encryption; hence it provides security. There are even many providers who offer extra services such as malware protection, etc.

Protection of Multiple Devices

When you are using a paid VPN, they will offer protection for multiple devices. (Remember not to use a free VPN). While using a paid VPN, make sure to protect all your devices such as a computer, tablet, Android phone, gaming console, and even smart TV. Though it depends on the provider about the number of devices they offer, you can select the best one which suits your requirement. Commonly 3-7 VPN connections are used by people.

What if you have more than 7 devices and you want to protect all of them? And what if you want all of your devices to stay connected to a VPN without even getting a reminder for it? All of your queries can be solved with the help of a VPN router.

A VPN router enables VPN software to run with less trouble, and you can easily connect all your devices without needing any other apps or software. Moreover, the VPN router will also provide you with a solution to your limited connections issue since it connects unlimited devices at a time.

VPN Lets you Work Remotely

Some people work at the corporate office, and they need to connect to a local area network or internal network. And as you know, people are working from home, a VPN will enable you to connect to the office network, and you can work remotely with this. As we talked about above, VPN is a mediator between you and the internet. Here, VPN will help you get access to all the information or data stored in the office network, and you can get access to it from home. If the VPN is not used, you have to go to the office for accessing that data. VPN eases your workload as you can conveniently use the confidential information of your office. Moreover, this data is encrypted and can only be used by the other server, which is you in this case.

Here is an important thing that you should keep in mind. VPN’s used at corporate offices are quite different from what we use for our personal use. To set up a VPN on your computer, you or your IT manager has to set up a VPN on your computer with the help of which you can have access to the office network and use the data.

VPN Enables Unlocking of Websites

Many VPN providers confidently advertise their services where they evade the restriction of geolocation, especially when you are about to stream different services online. It is considered the biggest lead of these providers, which helps them win over the competitors and the huge reason people use VPN. Although it is not bad for you to do as you have to pay for the VPN either way, there are some cons.

There are many websites/contents online, which requires licensing and are available in some regions only. There are some reasons for this. The content providers do not approve of others using them despite having access to a VPN. Therefore, many content providers work diligently to not allow others to use their services using a VPN.

Some countries block access to various websites due to some reasons. For example, in India, porn websites were banned and blocked, but people got access to those websites through a VPN. Hence, VPN will help you in removing these hurdles and getting you right onto the website. You can understand a VPN through this simple example as well. The most important thing to keep in mind is that using such websites through a VPN is considered illegal in many countries, and there are laws against it. So, you might not want to break the law.

Helps Saving a Little Money

You might have heard multiple times that a VPN can help you save thousands. It is true! You can save up your money by using a cheap plan for streaming software, purchasing games, or other apps or services. When you are using a VPN while booking a cab, hotel, or paying for your rental, even those expenses will be cheaper for you.

But let be clear on this. Every country has its plans and subscriptions for streaming services, availing software, etc., and they are priced differently. Thus, by using a VPN, you can check out the differences in the prices and if you can save huge money or not. Here you need to put a lot of effort to save your money. Either you have to try a lot of trial-and-error methods, or it is upon your luck. If you turn out to be lucky, you can save a lot of thousand.

As prices are different in different countries, that difference in prices mainly gets covered in bank transactions, currency exchange rates, bank fees, etc. There might also be some other boundaries; for example, a website will not use a credit card if it is not a local bank. Here, my friend, you will end up losing. And if you are granted access, you can save a lot. Saving a little on everything will end up in a total of a huge amount. In the end, after reading every benefit of a VPN, you might want to think of the main reason as to why you want a VPN.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network in layman terms, is the mediator between you and the internet. It will send and receive data from the internet for you. Also, while you are setting your VPN and enable it, it will transform your internet from both sides. VPS is highly encrypted, and only those who can have to use it have access to the information. Additionally, there are multiple methods to set up a VPN, and it is provided by a lot of providers such as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, NordVPN, etc. It is known to have the highest security while using the internet for different activities. It will protect your work with encryption and can only be decrypted by the server while other traffic on the internet will not have any access to it. You can try U.S. VPN, which offers each service of Google, which does not provide to the rest of the world.

Conclusively, using a VPN is a necessity these days. Many hackers are ready to steal your data, but you should be very careful with this information in this world. There is many private data, which, in any case, gets into the wrong hands might result in a horrible situation. Before purchasing a VPN, make sure you are well aware of its uses and why you want a VPN.

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