How To Set Up A VPN On Macbook?

In the modern digital world VPN is a popular technology that is becoming a necessity in recent times to provide security and privacy to internet users. All the devices and platforms are made compatible to support the VPN services. Apple also provides this facility to its Macbook users. But many times the Macbook users are often confused. So in this article, We are going to cover the following points.

  • How to setup VPN on Mac?
  • How to connect to a VPN on Mac and how to use VPN on Mac?
  • How to get VPN on Mac?
  • What are the Mac VPN settings?
  • Mac VPN server and Mac VPN client?

How to setup a VPN on Mac?

Generally, there are two ways that are being used to set up a VPN connection on Mac.

  • Third party VPN services
    1. Choose a third party VPN for Mac that suits your needs and requirement. Just download the mac VPN client application from the VPN website directly or from the app store.
    2. Sign in to your VPN service account
    3. Log in to your VPN app to use the service.
    4. Choose a VPN server and simply connect.
  • Manual configuration
  • You can also use the Mac’s Built VPN settings and can set up the connection manually. The necessary information and credential that going to be used in the configuration are provided to you by the VPN operator.

    1. Go to the ‘Apple’ icon and click on the ‘System preferences’.
    2. From the ‘System preferences’ dashboard click on the ‘Network’ icon.
    3. Now, to create a new connection from the Network menu, click on the ‘+’ icon.
    4. A dialogue box will appear. Select ‘VPN’ from the drop-down Interface menu .select the ‘VPN Type’ as L2TP over IPsec and ‘Service Name’ as VPN(L2TP) from both of the drop-down menus. Then click on ‘Create’.
    5. Input the ‘Server address’ and ‘Account Name’. Then click on the ‘Authentication settings’.
    6. Next, enter the ‘Password’ and ‘Shared Secret’. and then click on ‘Ok’.
    7. Click on ‘Apply’ to save the settings and click ‘Ok’.

How to connect to a VPN on Mac and how to use VPN on Mac?

Every time when you want to get connected with your VPN services, you have to

  • Go to the ‘System preferences’ and ‘Network options’.
  • Then select your VPN connection from the list of networks and click on ‘Connect’.

Congratulations you have successfully connected to your VPN services.

How to get VPN on Mac?

You can get a VPN on Mac by browsing through all the VPN apps present at the authentic app store and choosing a VPN that fits and fulfils all your requirements. This way is more safe and secure as the VPNs available on the app store would be authenticate and legitimate to use.

Another way is to download the executable file for the VPN app. But before downloading the app, make sure that you have downloaded the file from the authentic website of the VPN service provider. Downloading from any illegitimate website can pose serious risks threats to the safety and privacy of your system.

What are the Mac VPN settings?

In large businesses with a number of users, it would be a tedious task to make VPN configurations on every system. Thus, the Network administrator provides a setting file to all the persons who want to use the VPN connection. This configuration contains all the Mac VPN settings required by the system and makes it easy to set up a VPN by the users on their own.

To do the VPN set up, the users have to go to the Network settings and then ‘Import configurations’. From here select the VPN configuration file to import all the settings. The Mac Vpn settings will be automatically configured on your Macbook.

What is Mac VPN server and Mac VPN client?

Mac VPN server is the server side application that is providing the VPN services to a numerous users on their Mac devices. The servers of a VPN services provider are located in different parts of the world. There are a lot of VPN service providers in the market which provide you with the best safe, secure and privacy based VPN services.
On the other hand, Mac VPN client-side application runs on the Mac devices of the users to help them connect with the VPN services on their system.


We hope this article will help you regarding the set up a VPN connection on Macbook. Apart from that it will be also helpful in developing a better understanding of VPN configuration and VPN settings on Mac.

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