How To Check Whether Someone Is Tracking Your Mobile?

Smartphone: A safe place for your private information?

Well, smartphones are not just limited to calling or texting; these devices can be used to click pictures, browse on social media, play games, stream movies or tv shows, check weather updates, and the list is just endless. Not only does it have dynamic usage, but it also comes with decent storage capacity to store a lot of your data and files.

Nowadays, smartphones are used to store private information and undertake sensitive transactions. But the question lies, is your smartphone a safe place for your private information? Well, the answer is obviously NO, unless you secure your device. It is very common for someone to spy or track you; it could be your spouse, a co-worker wanting to access your files, or a hacker seeking your account numbers. A strong password may not necessarily be secured enough because a determined spy or hacker will always crack it somehow.

There are various tracking apps to monitor your smartphone activity without your consent and knowledge. Sounds scary, right? We are discussing signs that hint your mobile is being tracked, finding out if investing in VPN beneficial or not, and much more.

Virtual Private Network – Does it provide privacy benefits?

If there are hackers and trackers, there are even ways to protect your privacy from them. Besides keeping a strong alpha-numeric password with symbols for all your accounts, avoiding click baits, and not installing unverified apps, investing in a VPN for your device is a sound choice. VPN provides you with a proxy server’s privacy benefits and lets you browse with a safe connection. If you route your device’s connection through VPN, thereby bypassing the Internet Service Provider (ISP), you can use the internet without any prying eyes.

However, remember that not all VPN providers are trustworthy; some of them may breach the safety protocols and share your personal information with third-party agencies. Thus, choosing a reputed VPN provider is of utmost importance.

Signs that you are being tracked

We have got together some signs that would give you a hint that your phone is being tracked. They should serve as red flags that your phone is infected with spy software. It may be hard to spot, but it is good to be aware to help you know if your phone is compromised. Further, you can take the necessary steps to protect your sensitive information from getting vandalized.

Faster batter drainage

Spy software continuously runs in the background in secret mode to monitor all your activities, thereby consuming your device’s battery. When the performance of your device’s battery suddenly diminishes, it could be a sign of possible spy software.

Unwanted Apps on your phone

If you find some apps out of nowhere that you do not download, then this is a warning sign that your phone is being tampered with and your privacy is breached. These unwanted apps could be spying apps disguising as any other app.

Overheating of the device

The spying app may continuously update the data in the cloud, which will consume a large number of resources continuously, which would increase the overheating of the device.

Odd sounds during calls

Networks today are very advanced and well secured, so hearing any unusual sounds during calls is abnormal. This could be a sign of the spying apps possibly, recording your calls. So listen carefully; if there is a slightly odd sound or an echo, there is a possibility that your phone has been compromised.

Unusual increase in data usage

If you observe a sudden spike in your monthly data despite being mindful of the data usage, it is a sign that your device is compromised. The spy software may be running in the background, which may result in increased data usage; always check for the unexpected rise in data usage.

Unexpected Reboots

If your phone keeps doing reboots without your prompt, it is a sign that someone might have unauthorized access to your smartphone.

Receiving strange text messages

Receiving strange text messages with weird symbols and random numbers may be a sign that your device is embedded with a spy tool.

Odd browsing history

Check the browsing history of your phone to know if it is being tampered with. Someone must have opened few links to download the spying or the tracking app on your device.

Final Move – Steps you can take to protect your device

People fall prey to spying or tracking software without being aware that they are hacked. You do not want your pictures, messages, or any other sensitive information breached. Hence, the list above would act as a red flag, and you should be alarmed. You can now take the following steps to safeguard your phone from being monitored

  • Perform a factory reset
  • Update your device’s operating system
  • Manually find the spying app and delete it from Apps Manager.
  • Install an Anti-virus app
  • Protect your phone through a lock screen password or a PIN or a fingerprint lock.

FAQ: How to check if your cell phone is being tracked?

Below mentioned are answers to some commonly asked questions relating to your phones being compromised:

Can factory reset remove spy apps from the phone?
Factory reset, which is also known as master reset, involves resetting your phone back. It wipes off all the data, settings, and applications that were previously on your device. Hence you can easily get rid of the spy or the tracking app too.
Can someone read my messages on my cell phone?
Sadly, yes. If someone has hacked your phone, they have surely got access to your messages. To do the same, one needs to install a tracking or spying app on your device.
How do I protect my phone from being tracked?
To safeguard your phone from being tracked, turn off the cellular and Wifi radios. Disable your device’s GPS and “Location Services”.
Can a smartphone be hacked without the internet?
Yes. Hackers may be able to sneak into your device by just analyzing the low-power electronic signals your cellphone emits.

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