Important Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best VPN Service

VPN services provide much-needed anonymity and privacy when browsing online. If you think only large corporations and governments may need VPN services, think again! A VPN offers you a lot more than accessing files, anonymously browsing, etc. These could be pretty useful to private individuals who wish to access geo-restricted sites or protect their identity. All VPN networks can help provide security and privacy and protect your financial information. They help individuals as well as maintain their anonymity while they browse the Internet, so anyone can consider choosing a top VPN service. Here’s a look at some factors you could consider.

How to choose the best VPN?

In a nutshell, these are some of the factors you should consider.


Most users are looking for online security and encryption and protocol usage
Security is an important aspect of choosing your VPN and look out for providers offering L2TP/IPsec or OpenVPN. OpenVPN is the best protocol out there but does not support mobile devices and here you can opt for L2TP/IP. All the top VPN providers give you both options. Watch out or a reliable connection which is connected continuously to a VPN.


256-bit encryption is considered the best, but some services offer only 128-bit encryption so watch out before you choose one.


It should not slow down browsing speed and file access
A good VPN will improve Internet speeds by optimizing the connections between two computers by limiting the number of links in the chain. Check for metrics like upload and download speeds and ping time. Ping time is the time it takes for the packet or a unit of data to pass from your laptop through the VPN server, reach its destination and revert back. A low pin time means higher speed. Upload speeds should be high especially if you are transferring large packages of data. Those looking at downloading huge data should check out for the download speed as well.


Don’t opt for free services
Nothing free will provide you the quality you get when you pay for it. For a VPN provider who offers free, you should always be skeptical of such a “free” service. The best solution is to find a paid service that has a strong commitment to respecting your privacy. Individuals looking for a VPN for home use can choose one within their budget by not opting for all features needed for a commercial establishment. The price increases with more features and the higher number of connections allowed, also a yearly plan is less expensive than a monthly option.


Easy to set-up and intuitive
Choose a VPN service that is easy to set up with no complicated instructions. Check online for reviews about the customer support you may get for set-up and subsequently for troubleshooting.


Multi-device and multi-platform compatibility
Your VPN should run on multiple operating systems and devices. Check if the VPN service provider is compatible with the platform you wish to use. Most top VPN services are compatible with Mac, Windows and also have respective Android and iOS apps for connecting your smartphone to the VPN network. A VPN service that works on multiple platforms may only support a limited set of VPN services on particular platforms. Therefore, users should consider not only the platforms and devices supported but also the features offered by the VPN for these platforms.


Go for a service that does not log your personal information
Many VPN service providers log the personal information of users which includes payment information, the sites visited and so on. Check for the data collection policy before you opt for a VPN service. For this, you may not skip the privacy policy of the VPN to check for information that is logged, held and disposed of.

IP Leaking

Ensure there is no IP leak when using your VPN services
An IP Leak may expose your browsing info that can be used by hackers, or government officials or those with malicious intent. You can Google for your IP, connect to your VPN and again Google for your IP address. If it shows a different IP then you are safe. There are many free websites that allow you to check if your VPN is leaking IP. Several VPN services are prone to security and privacy leaks and hence it’s reliable to choose the right one which conceals your real IP address.


It helps to have a great user interface
Your VPN should be easy to use once it is installed. There should not be complicated information or multiple clicking options searching for what you need. A simple and elegant interface makes for easy usage. Map interfaces to choose destination server and easy access to various settings are what you should look out for.

You can choose the free trial offered by all top VPN services to zero in on the best and check the above-mentioned factors. These details are what separates a ‘good VPN’ from a ‘great VPN.’

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