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Private Internet Access.Com gives a cutting edge, multi-layered security, and insurance utilizing VPN burrowing.



Private Internet Access (PIA) is an individual virtual private system (VPN) administration. It originates from parent organization London Trust Media, which cryptically has the location for its corporate office in Denver, Colorado. Private Internet bolsters numerous VPN advancements like PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SOCKS5, and OpenVPN offering services in almost 33 countries.


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In spite of being one of the least expensive VPNs, and having a wide clientele, is it really good to be used

  • Been in the business for almost 20 years, they have one of the best goodwill and up-to-date service reputation in the market.
  • Pricing is basic with just a solitary or anonymous VPN level to browse. However, it offers a one-week money-back guarantee which is better than some of its competitors.
  • Has the ability to torrent (although they don’t mention it explicitly), simultaneously user can have 10 connections as there is no limitation on your connections and you can download as per your needs.
  • Offers support on almost all major platforms with major browser extensions.
  • Provides an amazing download speed which is 81 Mbps out of 100 which makes it a pretty fast VPN and a cheaper option than Express VPN and Nord VPN.
  • With a no-logging policy, the websites that you browse, communication logs, data that you enter cannot be shared or sold thereby ensuring better safety and security. PIA simply tracks your basic information like your email address, payment data, and temporary cookies (if you have chosen an optional control panel)
  • Since this is a framework without breaks it incredibly upsets the administration’s capacity to keep an eye on your internet actions.
  • You can likewise pick the dimension of encryption on both your information confirmation and your handshake. Both of these assist your PC and the server confirms the legitimacy of the association and the information being transmitted.
  • You can enhance your speed limits and twofold the measure of the information validation key with SHA256.



Pros & Cons

  • A User can associate both keen TVs and amusement consoles to those switches. So there’s your promising finish to the present course of action.
  • PIA’s help gatherings affirm that they’ve been working tenaciously for a considerable length of time to discover ways around Netflix’s identification and having tested it, it was successful only in Sunny California and complete failure in New York, Canada, Netherlands, and United Kingdom which is still good enough as compared to other VPN networks.
  • PIA has an independent Twitter account specifically for providing customer support with an FAQ page.
  • Located in the U.S., they offer 24/7 support, however, there is an unavailability of a live chat facility which means the response time is delayed and you get a relevant response after around 2 hours.
  • Does not provide any free trial of the service which is a missing service, nor it permits lifetime subscription. It’s conceivable to make mass buys of Private Internet Access accounts at a rebate with the support team.
  • With the Kill switch feature, the reviews are mixed as users can empower and debilitate it, consistency is also an issue with private internet
  • There is a need for a considerably more extensive scope of stages like Apple TV, and presenting more servers situated in the geologically different number of nations.
  • PIA does NOT bolster IPTV and won’t issue a discount in the event that you move up to IPTV.

More About Private Internet Access VPN

Money-back guarantee

Risk Free 30-day Money Back guarantee

Customer Support

Get help 24×7. PIA offers help centere where you can find answers to all the questions.

Our Take

So consider all the options and challenges before deciding to opt for private internet access service. The decision to choose or not choose private internet access service completely depends on what part of the world you are located in, what kind of service you are looking for as PIA services, and reach isn’t good enough in all parts of the world. With no live chat and the company being headquartered in the United States, service can still be a challenge with the response time being delayed. Also, they do not provide any refunds on auto-renewals of the yearly membership.


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