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  • Plan Starts @ $5./month

No of. VPN Locations
778 Servers in 35 Countries

It may not be the quickest, most cost-effective, or most reliable VPN service on the market, however, Mullvad is fast and simple to induce started with and it’s going to be one of all the foremost non-public VPN services also.



The VPN uses “virtual” associations routed through the Internet from the business’s private network to a distant location. By using a VPN, businesses ensure security — anyone intercepting the encrypted data can’t read it. VPN was not the first technology to make remote connections. A virtual private network will alter the user’s original Internet protocol address with the one that the virtual private network service vendor is providing. Doing so will enable the VPN user to go private or in an incognito mode.
Get Started with Mullvad

Mullvad is owned and operated by a company named Amagicom AB, which was located in Gothenburg, Sweden and it was its headquarters. Mullvad is a VPN service offered that multiple protocols to protect users from snoopers. The service also ensures users’ privacy and security each time when they go online. MullvadVPN supports open-source VPN technologies such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, and encrypts data by using AES-256.

With Mullvad, users will rest assured that they’re not being caterpillar-tracked by any entity online, not even by their VPN service. That’s as a result of the applying encompasses a no-logs policy to confirm that all-around protection of users. This way, the service supplier is unable to let on personal info as a result of it doesn’t have any.

Further, Mullvad is an easy-to-use VPN consumer. It solely needs users to come up with a novel account range, pay the monthly fee, and that they are set to use the application to relish online freedom. It is elementary to a well-functioning society. It permits norms, ethics, and laws to be safely mentioned and challenged. A free and society, therefore, cannot flourish and develop nor exist while not privacy.


  • They keep neither activity logs nor personal information.
  • They encourage anonymous payments through cash or one of the cryptocurrencies.
  • Using Mullvad is straightforward and simple, all you need to do is download and install the app.
  • IP Address masking
  • Internet Kill Functionality
  • No logging or tracking
  • Multi-platform support
  • Port forwarding
  • Leak protection
  • Each account is limited to 5 simultaneous connections
  • OpenVPN is an open source.
  • It is the most secure VPN protocol.
  • As far as bandwidth is concerned, Mullvad VPN offers subscribers unlimited VPN.
  • Ideal for users who download a lot of files and stream a lot of videos



    Plan Starts at $5/month for 5 devices.

Pros & Cons

  • No password or email address needed
  • Extremely private
  • Based in Sweden
  • The quick, easy setup process
  • Accepts cash payments
  • Slow downloads
  • No discount for yearly payment
  • Clunky desktop interface
  • No client software for mobile devices

More About Mullvad VPN

Why Open Source

We price open supply at Mullvad and believe the ASCII (open-source) text file model during which a program’s ASCII text file, or open, to anyone for screening and use. In an exceedingly broader perception, we have a tendency to believe that this division of information can advance the planet a lot of quickly and facilitate it to become a far better place. The bulk factor of software codling that we have a tendency to use and even develop ourselves is open-source.

Apps followed by Mullvad VPN

Mullvad offers its own consumer software system for Windows seven or newer, Macintosh (OS X10.7 or newer), and Debian-based Linux as well as Ubuntu 16.04. The company additionally provides a source-code tarball for alternative combining of Linux, with command-line installation directions for Mint, Elementary, and Fedora 25. You’ll run a generic OpenVPN consumer compatibility with OpenVPN version 2.4 or later is recommended on any desktop OS.

If you would like to use the Mullvad service for securing your smartphone or tablet’s information traffic, you’ve no selection however to use generic OpenVPN mobile apps. Mullvad does not give its own apps and recommends OpenVPN for automaton and this will connect for iOS. Many alternative OpenVPN shoppers square measure obtainable for each platform.


Mullvad’s speeds were engaging sensible, the service achieved a median of 52 % of the bottom speed supported connections to 5 totally different countries. Most of the Australian association hit speeds were imposingly quick. The bottom speed on my network at the time of testing was concerning 90.29Mbps.

Mullvad VPN Support Service

With our VPN support services, your customers or users will enjoy the convenience of any time support. We deliver speedy responses with strong prominence on the first e-mail resolution. Our teams of highly experienced VPN support professionals are skilled in quickly diagnosing issues and delivering an accurate solution in a step-by-step format.


Personal privacy is wherever Mullvad extremely stands out. The service starts by not desperate to understand something regarding users. However, the corporation will set cookies on your browser to take care of session logins, the most well-liked language, and one security cookie. The session login cookie expires when one hour. The company doesn’t log your IP address and solely is aware of you by your numbered account. In addition, Mullvad makes confident that users are inflexibly limited by not keeping logs of their browsing, downloading, and file-sharing data. Because of this, they cannot offer in order to request the system.

Mullvad supports to following

  • Port forwarding
  • DNS leak protection
  • Teredo (IPv6 over IPv4) leak protection
  • IPv6 tunneling as well as IPv6 blocking and leak protection
  • OpenVPN on a range of custom ports, including but not limited to 53/udp (DNS), 80/tcp (HTTP), 443/tcp (HTTPS)
  • only the VPN protocols OpenVPN and Wireguard
  • SSH tunneling, Shadowsocks, and Stunnel through our bridge servers.

Do they offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, like anybody else, despite their low pricing they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, except for cash payments.

Customer Support

Customer support is good, but not of the standards you get from top VPN services. There’s no live-chat or telephonic services. You can contact them via email at [email protected]. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook and write your complaints.

With Mullvad, customers can rest assured they are not being tracked by any online entity. That is because Mullvad has a no-logs policy to ensure the well-rounded protection of users. Also, the service provider is unable to divulge private information because it does not have any. Watch out this space for any updates on sales, discounts, or coupons.

Our Take

It may not be the quickest, most cost-effective, or most reliable VPN service on the market, however, Mullvad is fast and simple to induce started with and it’s going to be one of all the foremost non-public VPN services also. You do not have to be compelled to use a reputation or email address in any respect, the service offers a good style of payment of choices. However, Mullvad is among the foremost pricy of VPN services. Moreover, whereas its network is sweeping, it’s extremely slow, and it cannot supply the number of servers that alternative services will. Mullvad’s primitive interface can even slow you down, and there’s not a lot of you’ll be able to regulate within the manner of secret writing settings.

Still, it offers the peace of mind that solely an extremely non-public VPN service will. However non-public web Access offers virtually the maximum amount of privacy with lower prices and quicker speeds


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