How People Are Finding Ways To Use WeChat In India After The Ban

Despite WeChat got banned in India and people are finding ways to use it, at we have interviewed several people who are using WeChat from India and are able to recreate the working solution even after that ban.

Here is the step to step guide on how we recreated a solution which involved a VPN to set up and start using WeChat again in Indian networks.

Here we are using Express VPN to download Wechat.

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Steps to Download WeChat

1. Download and Install the Express VPN app

2. Open Express VPN

Open Express VPN

Once you Install Express VPN then open the Express VPN app you will see Start Free trial and Sign In option. If you already purchased then click on Sign In otherwise you can Buy Express VPN by Clicking Here or you can Start Free trial.

3. Sign In

Sign In Express VPN
Enter Your registered Email address and password and Sign In.

4. Connect VPN

Connect VPN
Once you have logged in now you are ready to connect VPN. Choose any Country except India and tap on Connect Button.

Now you are ready to download WeChat

5. Download the WeChat app from AppStore/Playstore.

Download Wechat Just search the word “WeChat” in AppStore/PlayStore and press the download button.

Note: If WeChat is not showing in your PlayStore then Change country in Express VPN and try again.

6. Open WeChat

Open Wechat
If you already have a WeChat account then click on Login Button otherwise, Click on the Sign-Up button.

7. Press Sign up via Facebook.

Open FacebookYou can register with WeChat in two ways, via mobile or Facebook.

My suggestion is to choose the second way – Sign up vi Facebook because it will skip the QR code verification.

8. Fill basic information for WeChat account

Sign Up for WechatAfter you fill in all the necessary information check the privacy policy, press the Sign Up button.

9. Start Security Verification.

Security Verification

Click on the Start button

10. Drag the slider to fit the puzzle piece.

Drag Verification

11. Fill in the Verification Code

Verification CodeHere enter your code sent on the phone number you have entered before.

Once you will enter the code and press the Next button you will enter the app and see its interface.



This is your WeChat account.

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How To Use Banned TikTok In India

If you still find difficulty in accessing WeChat Use these steps:

  • Go to your home screen and
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap “General”
  • Tap “VPN”
  • Tap “Add VPN Configuration”
  • Manually add VPN configurations

Still, if you are facing the problem, Go to settings and choose Restore Factory Settings and Restart your mobile.

Some more VPNs that helps in using WeChat

Why you should use WeChat

WeChat is a popular multi-purpose App for Chinese and those who are connected to China. If you have money in your WeChat wallet where will it go when WeChat is blocked in India? Do you have customers or partners in China? WeChat is one of the top real-time communication tools in China. If you want to grow your business in China, WeChat is an essential tool. However, when it gets banned in India, you will fail to get in touch with your Chinese customers. Not being able to use Wechat has put many people at a handicap.

  • All In One –
    WeChat offers more than messaging, it allows users to do everything from payments to the ability to book flights, cabs, and hotels.
  • Messaging
  • Video calls
  • Moments
  • Interest groups
  • Online payments
  • Official company accounts
  • Advertising

There are many more features which are only available in WeChat.


In China, you can pay almost anywhere with WeChat From supermarkets to the street vendors. You can also link the Chinese bank account to WeChat.


Just like Whatsapp, Messenger you can chat with your friends, family on WeChat. You can add people by scanning their QR codes or using a phone number or their unique Id.
WeChat is one of the main ways to communicate with Chinese people. Even many businesses people prefer WeChat to email.

Advertising Options

WeChat also offers companies to promote their products through high-quality content. Businesses can directly communicate with users who follow them to make it into a real customer.

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