How To Connect To A PPTP Server? – Complete Guide

How To Connect To A PPTP Server

Client Fails to connect the PPTP Server PPTP is a tunneling protocol that encapsulates the data packet in an envelope. The main thing that is important to remember is that the PPTP works around a RAS server. The advantage of the encapsulation by the PPTP is that it gives the flexibility to roué several different protocols across IP. PPTP was designed to connect users to …

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How To Set Up A VPN On iOS? – Step-By-Step Guide

Set up VPN on iOS

Setting up a VPN on any device is an easy task when using the client-side software for this purpose. The client-side app gives us the ease to simply configure and get connected to a VPN in a matter of seconds. In the case of iOS devices, the same thing is applicable. A lot of VPN service providers offer you VPN apps compatible with almost all …

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What Is A VPN Tunneling And How To Create A VPN Tunnel In Windows?

With the growing world of the internet, VPNs have become popular in the digital world as they provide privacy and security to the users while surfing over the internet. In this discussion we will try to cover all the following points: What is a VPN tunnel and What is the purpose of tunneling? How to create a VPN tunnel in windows 10? What are the …

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How To Set Up A VPN On Macbook?

How To Set Up A VPN On Macbook

In the modern digital world VPN is a popular technology that is becoming a necessity in recent times to provide security and privacy to internet users. All the devices and platforms are made compatible to support the VPN services. Apple also provides this facility to its Macbook users. But many times the Macbook users are often confused. So in this article, We are going to …

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Troubleshooting A VPN Connection – Problems With Easy Solutions

Troubleshooting A VPN ConnectionTroubleshooting A VPN Connection

In the modern world VPNs are the most important services that ensure the privacy of your data and make your internet connection safer. But certain times due to various reasons, the user has to face problems with the VPN connection. VPN troubleshooting is required to overcome those conditions. Sometimes basic VPN troubleshooting can do the work. In many instants troubleshooting VPN, connection issue is a …

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Can Police Track Your VPN Activity?

Can police track your VPN activity

VPN is an acronym for the virtual private network. A virtual private network gives users privacy, security, and isolation by establishing a secure network connection over a public network. VPNs can also be utilized along with other overlays and proxy servers. A Virtual Private Network is a type of internet access, which ensures security and privacy. In this process, traffic between a client computer and …

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Is It Possible To Track If You Use A VPN?

Is It Possible To Track If You Use A VPN_

With a VPN, you would like to keep things secure and personal from third parties. A VPN could be a useful gizmo for that. However, you would possibly raise – will a VPN be traced? Will, it’s detected? Or maybe, are you able to be caterpillar-tracked with a VPN? These are necessary aspects to debate after you need to remain non-public online. Let’s take a …

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How To Check Whether Someone Is Tracking Your Mobile?

How To Check Whether Someone Is Tracking Your Mobile

Smartphone: A safe place for your private information? Well, smartphones are not just limited to calling or texting; these devices can be used to click pictures, browse on social media, play games, stream movies or tv shows, check weather updates, and the list is just endless. Not only does it have dynamic usage, but it also comes with decent storage capacity to store a lot …

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