How To Connect To A PPTP Server? – Complete Guide

How To Connect To A PPTP Server

Client Fails to connect the PPTP Server PPTP is a tunneling protocol that encapsulates the data packet in an envelope. The main thing that is important to remember is that the PPTP works around a RAS server. The advantage of the encapsulation by the PPTP is that it gives the flexibility to roué several different protocols across IP. PPTP was designed to connect users to …

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How To Set Up A VPN On iOS? – Step-By-Step Guide

Set up VPN on iOS

Setting up a VPN on any device is an easy task when using the client-side software for this purpose. The client-side app gives us the ease to simply configure and get connected to a VPN in a matter of seconds. In the case of iOS devices, the same thing is applicable. A lot of VPN service providers offer you VPN apps compatible with almost all …

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How To Setup Your Own VPN Server?

Setup a VPN Server

With the growing concern towards privacy and online security, VPNs’ popularity or Virtual Private Networks has also seen a high graph inclination. Whether you are someone who prefers to travel around or stay back at home, a VPN server never goes to misuse – the too absolutely free of cost. However, before you step in and set up your VPN server, consider the internet speed …

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How To Set Up A VPN On Ubuntu Linux (Step By Step Guide)

Set Up A VPN On Ubuntu Linux

In this article, we will show you how to set up VPN on Ubuntu Linux. But before we get started on the steps, let’s start with some basic info about VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a remote server. The two major advantages of using VPN are, first, you can hide your real location because you …

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