VPNs for Netflix

Watching your favorite shows and movies on a holiday was not that easy as it is now. Thanks to the VPN service providers which let you stream Netflix smoothly by unblocking the location limitations. That’s the main reason why VPN has gained so much popularity among the individuals who love watching their favorite stuff on the go. VPNs allow you to access the content when you are out of your domestic location. Few nations like China completely ban Netflix, but still, a VPN facility lets you go around that too.

What’s the main struggle with Netflix?

Netflix is a very strong platform which blocks the user’s access in many ways. No feeble VPN will be able to hold back Netflix blocking more than a day or two. For unblocking this platform, you need a strong VPN with robust features. The below list of top five VPNs for Netflix is compiled by checking the potentiality of VPNs to unblock Netflix irrespective of your server location.

Not only Netflix, but HULU is also a very aggressive network which blocks VPN users. Apart from that if you are a hardcore mobile gamer, then using a VPN will not let you access the games fully. For those who really can’t live without streaming their favorite shows on Netflix or similar networks, choose the VPN with split tunneling feature. This feature lets you choose which applications send their traffic through the encoded VPN channel and which don’t. By whitelisting the Netflix app, you will not face any issue.

A VPN’s job is not only to unblock the geo-restricted content but it also helps you protect your confidential data, which otherwise would go in the hands of the snooping eyes. But the main question that revolves around our minds is how to choose the best VPNs for Netflix among so many available in the market. Well, for this you have to go thru the powerful features every VPN offers to protect your identity as well as blocking the content without any trouble. There are few points to be kept in mind while choosing among the best VPNs for Netflix:

  • Simple interface
  • Best uptime
  • Anonymity while browsing
  • Unblocking the content by surpassing the geo-restrictions
  • Downloads speed
  • Server coverage
  • Great performance levels
  • Fast connectivity
  • No-log policy
  • Full security with military grade encryption
  • Money back guarantee
  • Split Tunneling

All the above factors contribute together in deciding the best VPNs for Netflix. Let’s check out the list below for the best VPNs for Netflix.

Best VPNs for Netflix

Express VPN

LogoStarting PriceEstablished YearMoney Back GuaranteeSet Up TimeOverall Rating
Express VPN$6.672009Yes5 Minutes5 star

Features Of Express VPN

  • Unblocks content even while traveling
  • 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries
  • Built-in seed test feature
  • Trustworthy apps for every device
  • 24-hour live chat support
  • VPN split tunneling
  • 256-bit encryption
  • No activity or connection logs
  • Private and encrypted DNS
  • Use of 3 devices simultaneously with a single subscription
Express VPN tops the list because of its best services provided to its customers. It stands firmly on what it states to provide. It might be a bit costly for the first-time users, but overall the features it offers are perfect for taking the top position. Being a British Island-based provider, Express VPN offers great speed while streaming in HD. The Media Streaming DNS enables watching Netflix even on those devices which do not support it like Apple TV, smart TV, etc.

Nord VPN

LogoStarting PriceEstablished YearMoney Back GuaranteeSet Up TimeOverall Rating
Nord VPN$2.292008Yes5 Minutes5 star

Features Of Nord VPN

  • Advanced technology to protect your identity
  • Military-grade security, Cyber Security, and Double VPN
  • Strick no logging policy and Onion over VPN
  • Best streaming experience for gaming and P2P due to speedy servers
  • Secure up to 6 devices at the same time
  • Best customer support
  • 5130 servers in 62 countries
This VPN provider helps in maintaining the utmost security levels for all its clients. It is one of the best VPNs for Netflix as its download speed is great for watching the favorite shows on the go. The powerful 2048-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and kill switch makes it the first choice for every user for who the data protection comes first. The 3-day free trial and 3-day money back guarantee to make Nord totally risk free to try.

Strong VPN

LogoStarting PriceEstablished YearMoney Back GuaranteeSet Up TimeOverall Rating
Strong VPN$5.831995Yes5 Minutes5 star

Features Of Strong VPN

  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
  • Stops ISP throttling
  • Combats data collection
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Zero logging policy
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money back policy
  • 650 servers in 26 countries
  • L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols
Strong VPN is yet another powerful player in the market offering the best anonymity and security features to its users. It has apps for all the devices including MacOS, Windows, iOS, etc. With StrongVPN, you can approach hard-to-reach online media and services, anywhere you are. Securely cover your IP address to by-pass these zones and experience the internet you ask for.


LogoStarting PriceEstablished YearMoney Back GuaranteeSet Up TimeOverall Rating
Cyberghost VPN$12.992007Yes5 Minutes5 star

Features Of CyberGhost VPN

  • A native IKEv2 encryption method
  • World-class 256-bit encryption technology
  • Multi-platform apps for all your devices
  • 3000 servers in 60 popular countries
  • Unblocks any geo-restricted content
  • Works on 7 devices at one time
  • Blocks ads, online tracking, and malicious content
  • 45-day money back guarantee
CG is the world’s most secure, reliable and privacy solution. With the team of strong-headed professionals, CyberGhost tries to give the best to its users anytime and anyplace. This VPN is tried and trusted by more than 20 million users worldwide. With just one click you are ready to access any of your favorite shows or movies on Netflix.


LogoStarting PriceEstablished YearMoney Back GuaranteeSet Up TimeOverall Rating
Hide My Ass VPN$6.562005Yes5 Minutes5 star

Features Of Hide My Ass VPN

  • Unblock content worldwide
  • Enjoy unlimited streaming
  • Shield as well as protect your surfing
  • 30-day money back policy
  • 280 plus servers I 190 plus nations
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2/IPSec protocols
  • VPN protection on your IoT network
  • Protect 5 devices simultaneously
  • Real-time customer support
HMA is a globally trusted VPN provider with over 400 million users. This VPN works for all your Mac, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux devices. It makes your Netflix streaming fast and hassle-free. HMA serves its users with classified level security. HMA has servers precisely devoted to streaming and P2P sharing, hence, they are the best for those who want to watch, share, and enjoy movies online but that also legally.


To unlock the Netflix content on the go, you will definitely need one of the above best VPNs for Netflix. You might find some of the VPNs overpriced for the features they offer, but if you don’t want to compromise on the security and secrecy of your browsing history VPN is the only choice left in your hands. There are also free VPNs available in the market, which you surely can try for another kind of stuff, but as far as Netflix is considered, it has a very insistent network. Only when you use a strong-featured VPN, you can unblock Netflix.

There are many other good options like Vypr VPN, Proton VPN, HideVPN, Avira Phantom VPN, Norton, Anchor Free Hotspot Shield VPN, etc. which are best for unblocking Netflix. The choice is yours, and you must definitely choose the VPN which is multi-featured and top-rated by its users.