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  • Lifetime @ $159.99
  • 3 Years @ $2.22/month
  • 1 Year @ $3.99/month

No of. VPN Locations
500+ high-speed Servers across 80+ Locations
Considering how reliable it is, it is highly recommendable for someone who is looking for a VPN service which will allocate him/her a personal VPN server. Also, keeping all the other factors in mind, it is a must-try VPN service for all of you.



Our modern world is growing and emerging more technologically as it has never been before. These days almost anything can be carried out online. Starting from paying bills, streaming movies in high quality, sporting events to buying rare things, it’s a matter of a few clicks and you are there.
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The internet is also a place that often is not as safe as you think it to be. There are thousands of fraudulent activities that go around the web, and the only way to have protection against all these is to either go for an antivirus that is top-notch in tackling all internet security-related concerns or a VPN that will do the job just fine.

VPN Unlimited has its headquarters in New York and is the subsidiary of the company Keep Solid. While the case that VPN Unlimited is US-based in New York seems to be thrilling to us, VPN Unlimited offers users a reliable VPN service.

It has server locations in more than 39 countries and 50 provinces individually, VPN Unlimited volunteers full anonymity with secured implicit life, making it surely considered as one of the best VPN service providers in the world.

It provides a Personal VPN server or accurate static IP to protect and encrypt all your Internet traffic logs and any other sensitive data that you share online from any third party or hackers in that case. Its highly secure VPN servers give consumers the confidence that they are totally safe and secure when browsing the internet. It also offers users a beefier, faster, and more stable internet browsing experience on any platform, including mobiles and computers.


Coming back to VPN Unlimited, it has few extra features which no other VPN service has. We will talk more about the additional features here point-wise.

Personal Server: Your own Private VPN Server is the best possibility to raise the level of protection you have right now and the speed of the network as well as to avoid internet censorship.

This new approach will offer you stronger security for your online privacy and delicate erudition. Besides, no one will be able to ascertain that you are working on a VPN server. It is the next level of security you will get online. So just get an assigned personal VPN server and reliably surf the web without any constraints or boundaries.

The Personal VPN Server incorporates all the advantages of the private IP and provides you a lot more.

Personal Static IP: If you are tired of frequently getting blocked by using blacklisted IPs from servers that are already known and are common, it is your time to use a personal static IP from VPN Unlimited. The personal IP will act as a personal VPN server and will also provide additional ways to bypass internet censorship and also add a layer of extra protection.

Additional Devices: Yes, it is okay to have more than one device in today’s world, and the VPN service from VPN Unlimited strongly supports this fact. You don’t have to pay for a new subscription when you want to use the VPN service on a new device.

VPN Unlimited allows a user to add VPN protection on the additional devices with the same subscription and the charge levied is less than $0.99 a month.

For Teams & Family
The fanciest benefit of VPN Unlimited is that it provides you VPN services for the ones who are not around you. No matter half the globe away from you, still you can enjoy the benefits of VPN Unlimited’s services.

Downloading the VPN Unlimited Desktop or any other application, in that case, is so simple. Go to the download page of VPN Unlimited’s website; look for the platform you want to download. Once you have downloaded it, things get simpler. Install the application, choose a server, and enjoy a browsing experience that is secure like none other.

Network Tools
The company Keeps Solid is keeping their game strong when it is coming to providing the user with a more open and secure internet browsing experience. The reason they have come up with Network Tools.

The Network Tools will help a user check network settings and any related concerns with it. It will also provide the user with the server availability test, WiFi network scanner, a wondrous user interface, and a lot more.

VPN Lite
The parent company KeepSolid has another franchise of a VPN service that goes by the name of VPN lite. Let’s take a small look at what it has to offer.

KeepSolid VPN Lite is a virtual private network (VPN) service that provides users a fast and secure VPN functionality. Targeted primarily is for mobile users, KeepSolid VPN Lite is perfect for both iOS and Android platforms.

A premium version is accessible, and it provides blazing fast internet speeds and unlimited bandwidth though users are restricted to a single VPN server. Having said that, it comes with the IKEv2 protocol which makes the surfing activity really delightful.

The ones who are looking for KeepSolid VPN Lite’s feature-packed performance can subscribe to the Turbo version and enjoy astonishing features such as server switching for unlimited times, admittance to more than 400 VPN servers worldwide, and tight, powerful security with 256-bit encryption.
About Netflix of VPN Unlimited
Watch your favorite, sports events online, movies, TV Series with the trustworthy and secure VPN service of VPN Unlimited.

Not only that the multiplatform support of VPN Unlimited lets you watch Netflix on any device that is desirable for you, but it also lets you watch the service from anywhere.

Also, the speed that the VPN service offers lets you watch Netflix in HD quality.



Pros & Cons

  • Works with Netflix
  • Excellent 24*7 Customer Support
  • Strong AES-256 Encryption
  • Needs to be faster
  • Keep some logs

More About VPN Unlimited

Payment methods

The accepted payment methods are Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Paypal, Union Pay, Bitpay

Customer support

VPN unlimited promises one-stop support solutions to all their VPN clients. They are there for you 24*7, and with an average response time of one hour, it is safe to say that they have marvelous customer support.

Money-back guarantee

As mentioned above you get a full refund if you are not satisfied after their free trial version which can be used up to 7 days.

Our Take

We love the unlimited access with the KeepSolid wise feature as well as total security over your online information. Get the 7-day Free Trial and start your subscription now. For the latest VPN Unlimited coupons watch out this page where we keep updating them.


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