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  • 2 Years @ $1.67/month
  • 6 Months @ $5/month
  • 1 Month @ $6.99/month

No of. VPN Locations
2500+ Servers in more than 50 Locations Worldwide

A powerful VPN like VeePN has become a full-proof assistant in this war. If you have a big family, then the ten simultaneous connections with a single account can help you a lot. Use VeePN for its best security features along with easy-to-use interface and friendly customer support. Overall customer reviews of this VPN are great and whoever has used it so far has never faced a severe issue.



In today’s world, we are so used to the expediency of the internet that we can’t think of living without it for a single day. Looking at the increased rate of cyber threats has given us a setback on security issues. But then again, the latest technology has assisted us well to solve these internet risks too with the smart VPNs. With the use of these VPNs, you can visit any geo-blocked website or login on to public Wi-Fi securely without losing a bit of your personal info.

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Now we have a sudden increase in the number of VPN software, and at the time don’t understand which one to go for. There are many factors which you must consider before buying any VPN. It must have good speed, network connectivity, safe channels, and strong encryption. VeePN is another good name when you think about the technically sound and safe VPNs. Before discussing the VeePN services let’s have a brief review of what a VPN does for you.

A VPN is a tunnel that builds safe connectivity among numerous devices. It links you to the safe portal while browsing safely on any extraneous website or channel. You will be free from any worries of getting tracked by any spying bodies, governing figures, or your ISPs. So, basically, a VPN changes your original IP address and masks it with its own created one to hider the user’s location.

You can surf the internet with full freedom by banning the snooping eyes, governing bodies, or any advertisers from following you. Just install the VPN and with one click no one will be able to see your browsing history, downloads, or any other private activity. The strong AES-256 encryption safeguards your sensitive information anywhere anytime. Even going thru your bank account on public networks will be fully secure with the use of VeePN.


With one tap interface, you will get free from all internet related issues in a jiffy. The major features of the VeePN are:

  • Connects 10 devices for any subscription and add up to 100 extra devices for $0.8 per device
  • DNS leak prevention for encrypting data
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Unrestricted server switching
  • Military level encryption
  • Multiple VPN protocols
  • No-logging policy for protecting your privacy
  • Kill switch for protecting your real IP from inadvertent exposure
  • The network of 2500+ servers in more than 50 locations worldwide
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 7-day free trial
  • Automatic configuration

Features explained in detail:

VeePN FeaturesGet VeePN for $1.67/mo

  • VeePN offers a maximum of 10 connections simultaneously which very rare VPN services provide. It helps in maintaining a high-quality connection by developing an extensive network.
  • The VeePN app is a lightweight and simple to use interface that can be set up within five minutes. Just download this security app and with one tap you can get safe access to the internet.
  • Every one of us is not fully aware of the advanced technology usage, so VeePN chooses its setting for itself as per your operating system and location to make your installing process easy and quick.
  • The strong data encryption level ensures that the traffic driven to your system is fully protected and will cause no harm to your system. The new custom protocol, Smart VeePN, will help you efficiently outdo any geo-boundaries and masks your traffic.
  • They do not store any of your data whether it is IP address, location, personal info, browsing history, DNS or metadata in order to give you anonymous surfing. Only a few of the technical details are collected in order to help you with any of the further queries.
  • VeePN is a multi-platform app that works with all major operating systems be it Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, etc, besides securing 10 connections with a single subscription. Even the smart TVs and routers work efficiently and securely giving you access to all your favorite content in a few seconds.

So, the features of VeePN proxy are quite strong to give you complete data protection while creating a safe tunnel between your device and servers. You unblock the media streaming, safeguard your private info, turn away from the snoopers and hackers, and enjoy the speedy online experience with the VeePN application.

VeePN PricesChoose Your plan

The pricing policy of VeePN is simple and you will save a lot on the annual plan. The monthly plan will be a little heavy on your pocket and that is why we recommend you go for its yearly plan or 5-year plan which will cost you $1.67 monthly or $5.83 monthly.



Pros & Cons

  • Simultaneous 10 connections with great speed
  • Accepts all major cryptocurrencies for payment
  • Kill switch feature
  • Client apps still under development

More About VeePN

Why does anyone need VeePN?

The answer to this question is very clear; to regain the privacy back from going into the hands of spying eyes. There will be no tracking of your online activities by any external body. VeePN helps you in bypassing the copyright restrictions on any website or channel, and you are free to access their content without any restrictions. So, watch freely and listen freely to any of your favorite stuff on the internet. Your personal data will be protected irrespective of your location.

How VeePN safeguards your online activities?

We know that the web activities we indulge in are passed through our ISP servers, which indeed is the most common way of connecting to the net. This means that all the traffic which passes by is easily seen by the ISPs. But if you use a strong encrypted VPN like VeePN, then your private internet info is fully encoded and hence away from getting disposed into perilous hands. So, a powerful VPN will protect all your data by creating a safe channel between your device and the internet.

Benefits of using VeePN

VeePN is all about blazing speed and limitless traffic. Enjoy a connection as rapid as the squall. There are no more hard-hitting decisions between seeing a course and staying secure. The five-minute installation process gives you endless security with one tap interface connectivity. You can select from thousands of available servers and switch endlessly from 2500+ units accessible in 50+ locations.
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Customer Support

The customer support is readily available 24/7 support. Also, you can try it for 7 days to see the stated results. The customer support is via live chat, troubleshoot, or setting up via instructions. You can also send an email at [email protected], and file a support ticket by opening the feedback forum. All the popular support topics or queries are all already answered in the knowledgebase like:

  • Checking Android VeePN configuration
  • How to Download an App if It’s Not Available in Your Google Play Store?
  • Setting up iOS VeePN
  • How to Download or Update VeePN on my iOS Device, if It’s Not in the AppStore?
  • Unable to Connect from an iOS Device
  • Often asked queries

Payment Method

VeePN accepts all the major payment options like credits card (MasterCard, American Express, Visa), PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and payment will like AliPay, WebMoney, GiroPay, etc.

Our Take

As the internet has become the most essential thing of today, its usage has increased manifold times. It is our remit to make this platform an informative one with full security of our personal data. It is obvious that with more usage of the internet, it becomes a little difficult for us to fight its threats solely. That is why the strong VPN software has been invented to cope up with the potential threats and security.
So, share the VeePN review with your friends and family and ask them to subscribe to it to enjoy online anonymity and safety.


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