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Urban VPN is one of the major VPN service providers which is available over the internet for free and anonymous usage. Urban VPN is completely free with no hidden charges.


Urban VPN claims itself to be the quickest VPN available in the market today. Urban VPN claims to provide Fast blazing speed over the internet and with the anonymous functionality which hides the actual IP address of a user with the IP address of an Urban VPN server. This functionality ensures data privacy, data safety and avoids data leakages over the internet, and answers the question that “is urban VPN safe?” in terms of privacy and security.
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Urban VPN Extension Review

Urban VPN chrome extension helps the users to unblock any website while keeping our identity 100% safe and secure by using chrome. Similarly, the urban VPN Firefox extension also enables the users to keep their browser’s activities safe over the network. Urban VPN extension protects the browsers from harmful advertisements and it also prevents the device from malware.

Features of Urban VPN

    Availability of urban VPN extension for the browsers

    Urban VPN chrome extension and urban VPN Firefox extension are among the urban VPN extension that are also available for the users that help them to download the content or stream services through their browsers.

    Conquers the ISP throttling

    ISP throttling is done by the Internet service providers to divide the bandwidth among their users by analyzing the data and putting a limitation on the amount of data received by the user. Urban VPN encrypts your data so that the ISP is not able to see what going on in the pipeline and in this ISP throttling is avoided.

    Unlimited bandwidth

    Urban VPN provides unlimited bandwidth to its users by providing the freedom to forget about the data limitations. Urban VPN gave a free hand to its users over the use of data through the VPN channel. Urban VPN service enables the user to use an unlimited amount of data by using an app or service of their choice such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

    Unblocking a website

    This happens to users when they do not comply with the policy of certain websites or the websites observe the activities of the users as a violation of its policies. There can be some other reasons that are associated with the blocking of a user on a website. Urban VPN provides you the way to access the website by as the ISP or the authorities would not be able to track and monitor your traffic as you are using the IP address of the Urban VPN server. Urban VPN provides to unblock several website services such as Twitter, hot star, Google, Firefox, Netflix, etc.

    Accessibility from Unlimited numbers of devices

    Urban VPN powers users to use an unlimited number of devices from any location irrespective of their software platforms. As users can use Urban VPN through any device such as mobile phones or tablets with different types of software installed on them such as android, windows, Mac, etc. Urban VPN uses proxies from an unlimited number of devices. Thus, Urban VPN provides safe and secure connectivity on various types of devices to its users.

Additional Features

  • Anywhere Access -It allows the users to access their home or office networks.
  • Anonymous browsing- Urban VPN enables the users to access the websites by hiding their identity in a secure manner.
  • DNS Leak protection – Urban VPN also ensures the DNS server acts as a private server and alerts the user in case of any critical activity.
  • Multi protocol – Urban VPN uses many type of protocols to give better network for data transmission and communication to the users.

Supported OS & Devices

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MAC


Urban VPN is available for users completely free of cost. Anyone can download free Urban VPN from its official website and can use it without any cost.

Pros & Cons

  • Urban VPN is a Simple and easy to use Application
  • Installation of Urban VPN is fast on any compatible device
  • Urban VPN uses open VPN protocol for systems having Android and windows
  • Urban VPN also works with the Netflix at a local level
  • Good browsing and streaming speeds are provided by Urban VPN
  • Urban VPN is available in 10 different languages
  • The speed of the servers is not stable and varies from time to time.
  • The Peer to Peer network of the Urban VPN consist other dependency issues related to security and stability.
  • The speed of the servers is not stable and varies from time to time.
  • There exist some tools in Urban VPN which are found suspicious and can reveal the identity of the users and raises a question that “is urban VPN safe to use?”
  • Access to the American version of Netflix was not provided to the users when they are not present in United States.
  • Urban VPN is not suitable for torrenting purposes.
  • Gaming purposes are also not fulfilled by Urban VPN.
  • Kill switch is also not provided which stops the transfer of data by shutting down the internet connection when the VPN service is interfered.


In this article, we have reviewed Urban VPN which had been popular in the crowds nowadays due to its no-cost benefits. The features of Urban VPN are also highlighted along with its pros and cons. Hope this article will give you a better understanding of urban VPN.


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