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Yes, we will recommend you to go with TorGuard and check for you how the VPN service holds up for your purpose, with so many essential features it will be highly productive to you.



In a world where technology has evolved and taken over the world like a wildfire, the internet plays an important role. In such a situation your security is the prime concern while browsing the internet. The internet is essentially the door to everything these days, and often the internet is full of blocked websites, a local website that is accessible from only a single region and so many other issues that lie on the internet.

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Today in this article we have the good fortune to review one such VPN facility which goes by the name of TorGuard, we will discuss all the exclusive features it has in it and all the extras that it has in store to offer.
TorGuard gives 4 different services: Private Email service, Business VPN, Anonymous VPN, and Anonymus Proxy. Anonymous VPN is their official VPN package. You are allowed to add extra features, like a Dedicated IP or Streaming IP, but the principal package does the job. If you have a particular task you want to accomplish with this VPN, we recommend you to consult them in their live chat to know more before buying a package.

But as the name of the VPN goes, it has got nothing to do with TOR or any proxy related service that people usually use to access the web that is deep. The VPN was fundamentally crafted to discourage torrenting. But with time VPN now has grown bigger and better and used often.


Anonymous VPN Service

Anonymous VPN service is a setting is used to prevent the Internet Protocol address from getting visible to the rest of the Web and millions of people use an unidentified VPN service for this purpose. TorGuard VPN holds support to this feature and offers the users to have their IP from being detected. The service starts for a price of 9.99$ a month.

Anonymous Proxy

It is a service that functions as a relay for the user and a website where intends to land. Not only that but the anonymous proxy service provider will also provide security encryption to the user. The name of TorGuard VPN somehow comes from the synonym of anonymous proxy where TOR stands for the onion router or a method to transmit data anonymously. The pricing for an anonymous proxy service from TorGuard starts from 5.95$ a month.

Business VPN

A business VPN service provider will offer you end to end encryption to secure the device primarily used for the business device. The VPN security ensures that the web connection is secure and there are no intruders in the network to steal data. Also, with a business VPN, the data sharing within the servers of the business is more secure and safe.

Remote data access is also possible in a secure manner when using a Business VPN Service, TorGuard is the premium name when you are looking for a VPN service for your business, and with attractive pricing of only 69$ a month, it is extremely advisable to use the service.

Anonymous Email

TorGuard also has its service for anonymous email where the service is free if your storage requirement is or below 10MB, for a 30GB storage plan the pricing is only 6.95$ a month.



Pros & Cons

  • Full of Essential and Important features
  • Torrenting supported
  • Speed performance is up to the mark
  • The pricing is on the higher side

More About TorGuard VPN

Torrent VPN

Torrent, unnecessary to say, is a service that many people end up using even after complaining and judging how serious piracy stands out to be. But it is not a crime to use a Torrent service to download something which isn’t available anywhere and to protect your IP from getting tracked while using a torrent client, Torguard will protect you from the same.

Android VPN

A VPN Service these days has to be compatible with all the devices a user commonly has, to name a few are an android cell phone or be it an iPhone in that case. But who doesn’t love to have privacy and security on such a device which is connected to the web almost 24*7. Torguard VPN is here to help, the Android interface, of the VPN service, is smooth and very easy to use. It is a must-try for all users with an Android smartphone.

Stealth VPN

Stealth VPN, unlike the name, is a unique service that is capable of disguising VPN traffic as regular web traffic, even when deep packet inspection by your network administrator or firewall is subjecting towards it.

TorGuard VPN has an amazing Stealth VPN mode in their service section to offer to its users.

iPhone VPN

Just the same to an Android smartphone people with an iPhone or an iPad can use the VPN service from TorGuard to secure their phones and have more private internet on their devices.

Dedicated VPN

It is a service offered by TorGuard that dedicates a significant server and IP address to the VPN user. The dedicated IP address is yours to use and is squeaky clean when comes to your online reputation. Also, that has full control with any obstruction to your VPN experience.

VPN for Routers

The rise of VPN is flowering to such an extent that even the routers these days have support to VPN service. TorGuard offers and has a solution to the same. It gives Router-based VPN support so that all the users of the router’s network are private, safe, and secure.

Customer Support

TorGuard just like their VPN service has a solid customer support desk where the facility of 24*7 Live Chat is available along with prompt replies in an hour from the time you raise a query.

Our Take

To tackle all such problems the simple solution is to use a VPN or a virtual private network where your security, privacy, and safety is the network provider’s prime concern.


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