Speedify Review – Great Features For All Types Of Users

Ease of Use4.4/5.0
Overall Rating4.2/5.0

If you think Speedify is just another VPN service, think again. When we first tried Speedify what caught our eye is their no-log VPN service and you do not even need to register to use the free service. Speedify is great in that it protects your internet privacy and hides sensitive data. We love their straight forward privacy policy and the ability to speed up your internet speed by combining all internet connections. Speedify is more than your regular VPN solution which also encrypts your traffic and can be used on any Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS device.
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Read on to find out more about why you should choose this VPN service.

Speedify Features – An Overview

  • Improved speed since it merges all available internet connections which help in better streaming, better gaming etc.
  • All your data is absolutely safe with their AES and Cha-Cha encryption cipher
  • Reliable causing no broken connections
  • Secure and advanced data encryption
  • Detects as well as blocks insecure networks
  • Strict no-log policy; they do not log what you do, sites visited or services used
  • Their Netherland server is optimized for BitTorrent and P2P activity
  • Access to global servers located in over 38 different countries
  • Unlimited downloading capabilities
  • Allows five simultaneous device connections
  • Clients for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, linux, and Android devices
  • Speedify for families and teams with unlimited Speedify for 5 users

More on the Features

What makes Speedify different from other VPN services is the advanced ChaCha- or AES-based encryption algorithm. No one, even the most experienced hackers, can snoop around and steal your data. They provide advanced security measures by tunneling traffic through their advanced VPN server, so even if you are connected to a public WiFi channel, you are absolutely safe.

Another reason why they are unique in the fact that they use special channel bonding technology. Speedify uses all the available connections and bundles them up to provide faster speeds and reliable connections. This is where they get their name from, too. Thus it can exceed the speed and connectivity of traditional VPNs.

Speedify works on any Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS devices. It can also switch between networks and in the case of connection break, it can automatically failover to a backup operational mode to be always riding on an internet connection.

Speedify is user-friendly and easy to set up and can be up and running in less than a minute. This helps you concentrate on other important tasks and also ensures that you don’t have to be too tech-savvy when using this VPN service.

Another factor that attracted us is that there’s not much difference in functionality between the premium and free versions. Speedify when tested with Netflix and Hulu, was able to access both and they got a new updated version featuring streaming bypass feature which makes it a great choice for Netflix fans.


Speedify has different plans for different users like individuals, teams, and families.

Their Starter plan is absolutely free with 1 monthly data and no account required.

  1. Unlimited data monthly for Individuals – $9.99/month
  2. Unlimited data monthly for families – $14.95/month
  3. For teams, you get an unlimited data plan – $9.99/month/user
    • Bank-Grade Encryption
    • Use Each Account on 5 Devices Simultaneously
    • Worldwide Server Access

Choose your plan and get started with Speedify

Speedify offers you enterprise unlimited possibilities for larger enterprises where you can The Speedify SDK can be built into existing iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux software.

You save money when you purchase a yearly plan instead of paying monthly.

Number of countries with servers38
Does VPN keep logs?No
Does VPN include a kill switch?Yes
Number of devices per license5

Pros and Cons


  • Ease to use
  • Channel bonding to increase speed
  • Multi-platforms
  • Strong encryption (ChaCha- or AES-based)
  • Kill switch
  • Limited plan for free
  • Servers in more than 38 countries


  • No anonymous payment
  • Netflix works sometimes only

Customer Support

We wouldn’t say it is the greatest but, Speedify has limited support. You can email them or use a standard contact form on their website. You also get a support library on their site based on the type of platform you choose.

Speedify can be used by anyone, from single end-users to companies and large enterprises. It not only gives great privacy via its superior encryption but also helps with improving the bandwidth thereby increasing the reliability of your connection. A good choice with some amazing features!

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