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NordLayer is an Enterprise scale VPN service that offers an adaptive and flexible solution for network access security. NordLayer possesses the power of scalability and can respond according to dynamic needs and requirements. In this COVID-affected time, the majority of the companies are remotely dealing with their workforces. For that NordLayer provides you with the highly scalable SASE Framework that helps you out to keep the connections of your workforces safe and secure, while they are operating with you remotely.


If you are an Enterprise level organization, NordLayer gives you the peace of mind to coordinate with the various teams and people working for your organization in a safe, secure, and scalable way. It comes with tons of features and security measures that are essential for a better remote working culture and it has also gained good popularity among the masses in recent times. It claims to offer you blazing fast speed along with an amazing latency with its network infrastructure. In this article, we will go through all the odds and even of NordLayer VPN in a detailed manner.

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Features offered by NordLayer

Blazing fast speeds

The ultra-fast servers provide you with amazing speeds to give you a lively experience while working and in regular operations.

Smart Remote Access

Smart Remote Access helps you to create virtual LANs in order to access the devices located on the internal network of any organization.

Site to Site VPN

NordLayer provides you with dedicated gateways to get connected with the internal business LAN in a secured way

AES 256-bit encryption

NordLayer offers you tunnel-level encryption to hide your traffic and identity, while you are making an online presence on the web.

2FA Authentication

NordLayer strengthens you by providing an additional layer of Multi authentication security when you attempt to log in to the VPN connection.


This feature proves to be more purposeful when it comes to protecting the users and devices from viruses, ransomware, and malware.

Supported Devices and OS

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Linux



  • Plan Name
    No. of
  • Basic
  • Advanced

Pros & Cons

  • Easy setup and installation.
  • Centralized settings to implement the security policies to your organization completely.
  • Centralized billing to manage with a single and easy-to-manage statement.
  • License Transferability helps you to quickly manage the licenses allocated to various teams of the organization.
  • Custom DNS gives you phishing protection with faster processing of the requests and improved server reliability.
  • Shared servers help you to connect from anywhere with the help of its servers that have a global presence.
  • A double Kill switch is very helpful in case your company has a BYOD(Bring your own device) policy.
  • This is the major drawback of Nordlayer that the admin features are only made available on the desktop application.
  • The premium 24/7 support offered by Nordlayer costs extra.
  • NordLayer does not offer a trial version.


There is no doubt that NordLayer offers you Extraordinary Enterprise scale solutions for the workforce of your organization. It has many purposeful features that strengthen the security and safety of your organization while its operations. But its poor support and unavailability of a trial version are the major drawbacks that pull it out of the race against other available options.


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