How to Access Online Gambling Sites When It’s Blocked?

Ways to access Online Gambling Sites if it is blocked

If you are worried about how to access Online Gambling Sites, we have found out a simple solution. Read here to know!

Here is how to access Online Gambling Sites from your smartphone/PC which involved a VPN in setting up and start using them!

One of the most secure and trustworthy ways to access is by using a VPN. Using a VPN helps you access the blocked site by your location or ISP. The use of a VPN helps you connect to these online casinos through VPN servers located in different countries by hiding your IP address. The VPN changes your original IP address and hides your location and encrypts your internet connection, which keeps you safe and hard for anyone to track your online activities. This way your real IP address will be safely hidden, and you can use the online casinos without worrying about your ISP knowing anything about it.

We used PureVPN here

1. Go to Play Store and Download PureVPN

2. Subscribe

PureVPN Login

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3. Connect


Now, as per your personal preference, connect this server to the location. You need to click on “Quick.” once you buy the subscription plan. After subscribing just click on Quick Connect

4. Turn On PureVPN with any other country IP

Pure VPN offers a lot of servers from different locations. Pure VPN also gives us an option to add countries as Favourites where we can stick them on top and access them easily as shown below.

Pure VPN Favourites

You should simply follow the above mentioned 4 essential steps to explore.

Alternate Method to access Online Gambling Websites

The second best way is you can use Cloudflare Warp where you can easily access Online Gambling sites easily. A Proxy site will have the same content as the original website but is located on a different server with a different address. This will help you get around the issue of being blocked by an ISP.

If you are using Android Phone, there are a lot of FAKE GPS apps, where you can change your location and access Online Gambling Websites. You can easily change your location with these apps and start accessing Online Gambling Websites. Nevertheless, there are some problems with these apps like security threats, Malware attacks, and even sometimes they can steal your data and access your phone as well. This method is not recommended as a lot of money is involved in Online Gambling Sites.

How are online gambling restrictions enforced?

If you are traveling abroad and are an avid online gambler you should check if the country you are traveling to permits online gambling. As there are a few countries that have restrictions on accessing such sites and then there are few which have completely banned online gambling. If you are traveling to one such country where it is restricted read along to find out how you can access your favorite online casino.

They restrict IP addresses from playing which are from restricted countries. Sometimes even if the user gains access to the online casino, they still need to sign up by providing a valid payment method and address. Later to cash in your winnings, you need to prove you are the person who you say you are by providing more information.

If you have recently moved to such a country where online gambling is banned or you wish to access online casinos from a restricted country, you access these websites securely by using a VPN.

Is using a VPN legal for gambling sites?

No, unfortunately, it’s not. Most of the popular online gambling sites have banned the use of VPN. If they do find a user using a VPN they terminate the account or ban the user. These websites without winnings and freeze the user’s account if they find out the user is a resident of a country where gambling is banned.

Online gambling is a serious hobby for many around the world since the very first online casino started back in 1996. While you might not give a second thought about gambling in your part of the world, there are countries that have strict rules that need to be followed for online casinos, and then there are some countries that have completely banned online gambling. These countries have strict restrictions on using online casinos and the user can be punished by the law.

Some more VPNs that helps in accessing Online Gambling Sites

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