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Ranked 41 out of 78
Ease of Use
Available Plans
  • 1 Month @ $9.99 / Month
  • 1 Year @ $2.33 / month
  • Lifelong plan @ $55.99 / Month
VPN Locations
1200 servers located in 43 countries

Hotspot VPN is a VPN that protects your online privacy and secures you from external threats and malicious viruses that can be responsible for large damage to your data present on your system. Along with security and privacy, it offers you amazing ultra-fast speed, unlimited browsing, and streaming. It has a huge global network infrastructure to reach out to every customer living in different parts of the world. Hotspot VPN helps out to make you anonymous over the internet and ensures your privacy from certain types of malicious threats.


Today if we look on the market for a VPN, there are a lot of options available. But Hotspot VPN is committed to giving you the same features with a broad range of its network which consists of a large fleet of its servers, providing services in almost every major part of the world. It provides you unlimited browsing and streaming, making you anonymous and ensuring your privacy over the internet simultaneously.

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Features offered by Hotspot VPN

Providing Anonymity

Hotspot VPN Hides your IP address and provides you the required anonymity to roam over the internet without any chances of getting detected by agencies and cyber criminals.

Fast speeds

Hotspot VPN gives you a faster and stable connection to continuously access the desired services without any interference.

Global Reach and connectivity

Hotspot VPN has a large fleet of more than 1200 servers in almost every major country. This helps a large numbers of customers to get the required services at a faster pace.

Secure Encryption

Strong encryption is provided by hotspot VPN to secure your data.Thus while surfing over the internet the connection and data are completely secured during its transmission from one end to the other.

Strong Customer support

Hotspot VPN offers you a high quality support to sort out your issues. The support teams are quickly responsive to sort out the issues of the customers.

Supported Devices and OS

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MAC



Pros & Cons

  • Amazing Ultra-fast speed.
  • Unlimited browsing and streaming.
  • 30 days Money back guarantee
  • No advertisement
  • Zero log policy
  • Quick customer support is offered.
  • Non-uniform speed and uneven connections.
  • Fails to unblock some of the streaming platforms.
  • Uneven torrenting services.


The final statement about Hotspot VPN is that it stands strong when its global connectivity is considered but it loses out on the features and its heavy pricing.


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