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Goose VPN is software with a great user interface and is one of the best VPN found around the world. To protect your data from hackers, it is the wisest decision to opt for this service.



GooseVPN is one of the Virtual Private Networks that is developed to keep you safe from online attacks. With the help of a VPN connection, you can get the benefit of encryption. It helps to encrypt your device with the VPN servers. Now, when you use Goose VPN, all your used internet traffic is attracted by the GooseVPN server and it is meant to use high-strength 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe.
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Working on a public network can be risky as you might attract unwanted traffic. If you are under the GooseVPN radar, it will be protecting your traffic even when you are using a public network. Your location is determined by the GooseVPN server and offers the geographical advantages and offers you access to all the relevant websites.

Why Choose GooseVPN?

There are a lot of competitors in the market who will try to lure you with attractive services. However, you must always choose the one that gives you optimum protection. GooseVPN not only secures your device and traffic but also is highly user-friendly and reasonable. The software is developed in such a way that even non-tech savvy people can find it easy to use. Users can press the button to have safe internet connectivity.

The VPN comes within a very affordable range and for the first thirty days, you can use the free trial version. Upon the expiry of the free trial, all you have to pay is a nominal amount of $2.99 per month and get 50 GB. Moreover, users are bound under any regulation, if not useful, you can even cancel the subscription. But, that would be hard for you!

When you are selecting a VP, it is essential for you to inspect whether your data is stored or shared with third parties. When it comes to Goose VPN, it takes pride in maintaining confidentiality, as it neither shares nor stores anyone’s data and information. No third party can access information if you are using the Goose VPN. If you are curious to know how the free trial works for GooseVPN, then have a look at the next paragraph.

For solid thirty days, you can use Goose VPN for free and make use of the 50 GB data. You can download it on Mac, Windows, or Android. Moreover, if you have changed locations and the VPN is not supported you can cancel your subscription without any hassle and no tern notice. Everyone is prey for hackers as they are sitting over the internet to steal your information and use it for wrong purposes. Your credit card data, passwords to important files, e-mails, and personal stuff. Goose VPN will limit these kinds of risks to a great extent and act as the best online security and retain your online privacy.


  • You can use GOOSE VPN on all your devices simultaneously.
  • Get the subscription; use unlimited devices, with no contracts
  • GOOSE VPN works on any device you like
  • GOOSE VPN does not use any bandwidth throttling. Basically, your connection will never be slow at any time.
  • They have a host of different IP addresses for you to choose from which helps you connect to any website including Netflix.
  • GOOSE VPN use the strongest standard encryption 256-bit encryption
  • They also use technologies like Internet Kill Switch and advanced protocols to protect your internet activities
  • GOOSE VPN does not log your information. They don’t know the sites you visit online which is great.
  • Apps for every possible device
  • They have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, as well as a Chrome extension and KODI addon. There are bonus setup instructions for many other devices and platforms.



Pros & Cons

  • It uses secure and fast servers that offer trustworthy encryption and protects you from anonymity and secures your online data.
  • It has two security protocols, the Open VPN protocol, and Open SSL technology.
  • Both rely on such strong encryption techniques that are backed by constant protective updates. The second protocol is the IKEv2 which is renowned for its fast internet connection.
  • It has 59 servers and IP addresses, a free one-month trial, maintains the policy of no logs, and supports multiple platforms.
  • TGoose VPN does not keep any logs but tacks the data usage on the account of users and reminds its subscribers of the basic plan when it is approaching the data boundary.

More About Goose VPN

Customer Support

Listening to the customers is what marks services differently from others. How well a customer is perceived is what matters the most for the service provider. GooseVPN is easy to access and anyone and everyone can use it as per their preference. It ensures that everyone is able to use the internet without falling prey to any hackers’ motives.

Reseller VPN

If you use a VPN reseller, you can purchase VPN services from others at discounted prices. For users, reseller VPN can open many doors for you like you can create many new sub-accounts, purchase VPN instantly from a credit balance, get access to automatic renewal plans for every sub-account. Moreover, the monthly price will also depend on the number of active sub-accounts that you have. A reseller VPN will grant you their control panel and you can handle all your sub-accounts under one roof.

Business VPN

Modern businesses entirely are based on the usage of the internet and domains. Therefore, choosing the right VPN is a huge consideration that you have to make in order to get a secure web presence. When it comes to business, maintaining a high privacy level is a must. Business data are very precious and there is a vital demand to maintain the security of the company’s internet connection, and also grant remote facility. Moreover, VPN’s can be utilized to scale to meet the requirements and growth of the organization.

Goose VPN in Media

The network is based in the Netherlands and has all the right reasons to become one of the best privacy provider services. Moreover, the service has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms like Facebook. It is also going to understand the importance of other significant social media platforms in the coming future. Its present list of advantages is bringing a lot of possible clients. The Goose VPN service is said to maintain a dedicated community page and users can get information about the network updates and so on.

How does the Goose VPN FREE Trial work?

GOOSE VPN Does offer a 30-day Free Trial where you can spend 500MB of free data and check out its performance. After the 30 day trial period you will pay for the subscription which you choose. You can always cancel your subscription without a term of notice.

Refund Policy of Goose VPN

You can cancel an ongoing subscription from your website profile or the iTunes/App Store. There will be no refunds for the unused part of the period. All new GOOSE VPN accounts have a 30-day money-back guarantee for use of less than 100MB of data. Then you get a full refund. However, if bandwidth usage exceeded 100MB refunds are at the discretion of the GOOSE VPN management.

Our Take

Goose VPN is a likable service. It has good features, speedy live chat support, and a ‘no logging’ policy. A great VPN for less demanding customers, you can always buy their plans at best rates from the promos and discounts right here


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