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  • iOS/Android Only @ $4.99/month
  • Pro – All Platforms @ $9.99/month
  • Pro Yearly @ $8.33/month

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Confirmed has decent features for the price they offer, there are no logs and they also provide good security. Since they are in Canada, they are subject to strict anti-privacy laws which you should be wary of. Overall, we recommend them with their good services and transparent privacy policy.



Confirmed VPN is a recommended VPN and is the future of protecting your data unexpectedly. The main objective of a Confirmed VPN is to create services and apps that protect your browsing activity and give you complete transparency through being an Openly Operated network. With this system, nothing will be hidden in black box apps and experience the level of trust and assurance.

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A year ago, in 2017, they revealed that app stores were widespread with rude and scummy apps, and wrote a research piece on Medium which went viral, extending over 500,000 people. From there, they comprehended that even however all of these rude apps had discretion strategies (that they copy-pasted), the strategies were essentially hopeless because there was no way for anyone to check what they were really doing with user information.

Even if App Store critics required to settle whether or not the applications were long-lasting by their Privacy Policy, they couldn’t. There was no average and no process for confirming that an application was being truthful. Meanwhile, no standard occurred, they set out to make one, so people would be able to dependably see which applications and services they could conviction.

This is how we came up with the idea of services that are Openly Operated™, a seven-point standard that generates faith through clarity. One year later, they’re confirming that this notion functions by discharging the world’s first Openly Operated™ service: Confirmed VPN.


Zero Logging

We are sure you are tired of hearing the no-logging feature only to find some tiny hitch in their Privacy Policy. With Canada based Confirmed, you will find that only basic info like your name is available with them.

No Leaks

Confirmed uses OpenVPN by default, and this when paired with the most advanced encryption standard on the market in AES-256, ensures there’s absolutely no data leak.

Works on Multiple Devices

They provide apps for Windows, Mac, Android, as well as iOS. They also a browser extension for both Chrome and Opera and thus are multi-device and multi-platform compatible.

Extremely Secure

OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2 provide 256-bit AES protection, and there’s strong data authentication as well. Their service called VigilantBear also prevents your data from going to an unsecured connection if there’s a drop.

Good Speed

Many users have reported good download speeds. They are much better than most players out there.
Interesting Features include:

  • Anonymous IP
  • Kill-Switch (VigilantBear)
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Allows torrenting and the use of the TOR network



Pros & Cons

  • Candid Openly Operated policy
  • Great speed
  • One-week free trial
  • Little pricey
  • No refund policy
  • No Kill-switch

More About Confirmed VPN

What is Openly Operated system?

It is actually a set of standards for the apps and services to be transparent. Openly Operated™ apps follow a strict set of requirements that ensure their entire operation is transparent – including source code, configuration, infrastructure, audit logs, and more. They enable a level of trust not possible with today’s typical black box app, where users have no idea what’s really happening with their data. Instead of just publishing a Privacy Policy, Openly Operated™ apps are able to prove their Privacy Policy.

Openly Operated™ Requirements

Open Source Code – All server and customer code must be 100% open source.

Open Infrastructure – Configuration and backend substructure must be public.

Audit Logs – Public, unforgeable, and complete effective logs.

No Tampering – Don’t permit workers to access servers straight (SSH).

Documentation – Code and infrastructure must be recognized for inspection.

Independent Audits – Publish outcomes of self-governing audits occasionally.

Read-Only Account – Let read-only access to servers upon demand.

Bug Bounty Optional – Dynamic bug bounty programs expand general safety.

Why Use a VPN?

Your IP uniquely identifies your activity and your ISP sells your confidential data in order to make money. Using a robust VPN gives you an automized IP and a VPN encrypts data against your ISP. It is seen that half of the websites are insecure as public hotspots are unsafe. A VPN aids you in encoding everything you direct and obtain. The security and privacy obtainable are inordinate via a VPN. Other main advantages are that it alters the Ip’s location and decreases violent tracking. The poorly secured and malicious VPNs often charge less and compromise on security issues.

Why Should you Choose Confirmed VPN?

The Openly Operated transparent system makes the Confirmed VPN more vigilant among its competitor. It has clear cut privacy policies that are sincerely adhered to. The firm is completely audited by experienced people. It will keep your identity anonymous through 12 regions. The speed of 300MBPs is too good for a flowing network.

Confirmed VPN plays an honest role in offering the best and true services to its users. It does not sell the data of the users to the organization or third party in order to make a few extra bucks. Neither does it logs your personal info nor does it hide its operations in the privacy policies. Every feature of their product’s services is 100% crystal clear to you, accountants, and security and privacy specialists so that you’re assured they stick by their stern Privacy Policy.

How to choose a VPN that is Trustworthy?

Confirmed VPN seems to have a good reputation in the market because of its transparent approach. It is an upcoming VPN with the potential to capture the market with the most honest working policies. The genuine reviews from the users are proving that it has good performance at the local level and gives easy access to streaming services like Netflix, BBC. The apps are available for major platforms like Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. Some flaws like the pricing, DNS leaks, absence of Kill-switch are there but you won’t be facing any major issues due to the upcoming customized solutions.

Our Take

Confirmed has decent features for the price they offer, there are no logs and they also provide good security. Since they are in Canada, they are subject to strict anti-privacy laws that you should be wary of. Overall, we recommend them with their good services and transparent privacy policy.


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