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37 VPN Servers in 22 Countries

Surf Anonymously Online with VPN Services. CactusVPN comes with purchasers and tutorials for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and additional. The installer gave us more control of the setup process as standard level and these also introduce some difficulty. Use vpnsreviews and get 30% Off on all plans



Moldova based CactusVPN is a small VPN provider which offers many more features, CactusVPN network is the smallest with 37 servers in 22 countries, but the company makes up for this in other ways. There’s support for all the main protocols like OpenVPN (TCP & UDP), Wireguard®, SSTP, SoftEther, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP and Smart DNS to access geoblocked websites. VPN is free proxy servers and P2P available on some other servers. CactusVPN supports some apps such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Android TV, and Fire TV and also addons for Chrome and Firefox and setup support for routers and assorted other platforms.
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CactusVPN comes with purchasers and tutorials for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and additional. The installer gave us more control of the setup process at a standard level and these also introduce some difficulty. If you are a VPN client before, you know how to connect it directly.


  • Protect your Privacy By using your VPN services actually, no one would know your IP address and all about geographical locations, it means you will search in inline with a confidential level that advertisers and marketers can’t put intention on your ads.
  • Secure Internet Connection By encrypting your association, the VPN service protects your personal data from cybercriminals and authorities, prevents deep packet analysis from the ISP, and secures you on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Restrictions & Blocks By concealing your identity, VPN services assist you to bypass censorship obligatory by your country, bypass blocks obligatory at your geographic point, faculty, or university.
  • High-speed servers We use solely high speed one Gbps servers that area unit organized and managed by our high qualified admins to supply you the simplest speed and security.
  • Data Encryption We use the simplest coding that creates your traffic safe and not possible to rewrite and conjointly doesn’t have an effect on an excessive amount of your net speed.

Other Features

  • Apps Killer
  • Internet kill switch
  • DNS Leak protection
  • Sort servers by speed
  • Easy switching
  • Easy VPN protocol switching
  • Pricing


    Pros & Cons

    • Easy to use
    • Absolutely zero-logs
    • Unlocks geo-restricted content
    • Fast connection
    • Slow speeds while accessing UK servers

    More About CactusVPN

    Compatibility Apps :

    CactusVPN is compatible with almost any platform, the apps used by CactusVPN is following below.

    • Windows – One-touch download and ready to use.
    • MacOs – Just like windows, it is easy to set up for a Mac user as well.
    • AppStore/PlayStore – Turning your mobile network to be more secure and private for both iPhone and Android users.
    • Android– Different versions are available for Android users who can choose from the available ones.
    • Fire TV – connecting to VPN and smart DNS in seconds with our easy to VPN app for Fire TV and absolutely no technical knowledge required
    • CactusVPN for Routers – Now you can protect your entire work network by using CactusVPN on your router. This will make your work network more secure and private.


    Most VPNs assert that they can give you access to geoblocked websites, and with CactusVPN stating it’s Smart DNS also allows you to browse 340+ commonly confidential sites, they were interested to see how the service performed. They began our checks by attempting to access BBC iPlayer. In the US the YouTube content was clear-cut to look at, however, that is as a result of it’s hardly any security,

    CactusVPN’s Smart DNS is a choice of the system which plays with your DNS requests to expectantly change your virtual.

    If the VPN does not unblock a website, enable the Smart DNS might give you better results.

    The technology did not permit North American country to YouTube in their country, which was a major surprise, as it’s generally very easy to view. But good DNS score wherever it tremendously mattered; enable us to stream BBC iPlayer and Netflix without difficulty. If web site unblocking is prime of your priorities, CactusVPN is worth a closer look.


    CactusVPN covers the entire world. To do so, they use state-of-the-art VPN servers which are super powerful, to say the least. They have made a promise to never compromise with the network speed. Their servers are connected to high-quality network nodes capable of 1Gbit to 10Gbit transmission lines.


    CactusVPN just like their VPN service has a solid customer support desk where the facility of 24*7 Live Chat is available along with prompts replies in an hour from the time you raise a query. It supports setup tutorials and ticket rising.


    In our speed tests, we are inclined to found CactusVPN took fractionally slower than standard to attach, however not be enough to create the North American nation involved.

    The Average sped is 50Mbps on our 75Mbps fiber association. that is quite enough than simply regarding something you would like to try to, however, the most effective VPNs usually offer North American nation 10-15Mbps a lot.

    US speeds were smart, too, at a capable 30-40Mbps. And even the foremost distant servers gave North American nation good results: 18Mbps from Japan, 11Mbps from Australia, 10Mbps from Singapore.

    Free VPN

    You can get the free VPN trail offer for 3 days at free of cost and you can test the services before paying. You will get the following for free trail.

    • Absolutely free for 3 days
    • No credit card is required
    • No speed and bandwidth limitations
    • No logs
    • Access to all VPN servers using all VPN protocols
    • No kind of unwanted ads

    Our Take

    CactusVPN has now servers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and pacific regions and they provides a dependable presentation and is fair value for money. To know better update details of cactusVPN you can visit their site for more.


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