Best Websites to Watch Boxing For Free in 2024

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Boxing is a popular sport all around the globe and fans are always excited to watch the boxing tournaments organized in different parts of the world. But sometimes the geographical restrictions become a barrier to viewing those boxing matches. Many a time Boxing matches are limited to any expensive streaming service that can’t be afforded by the fans.

How to watch Boxing websites for free?

The simple solution to this problem is that there are still some websites to watch boxing for free and these boxing stream websites allow you to watch your favorite boxing matches from any part of the world. But before using these free boxing websites, always remember that in some countries watching these websites can be considered illegal as well.

What to do in that case?

To deal with that situation you can use some of the topmost VPNs mentioned by us. The VPN will make you anonymous by hiding your identity from everyone and no person or agency would be able to track your streaming sessions and activities. As a result, you can easily access and stream your favorite Boxing events without facing any illegal consequences and interruptions.

In this Guide, we will help you to get an idea about the Best Boxing websites for free that you can pick to watch all your Boxing tournaments and other popular sports events that are blocked due to exclusive streaming rights or geographical restrictions.

Best 5 VPN to watch the Free Boxing websites in 2024
Best Websites to Watch Boxing For Free in 2024
  • 1. USTV Go



    USTV would be a great website for young boxing enthusiasts and fans as it has around 90 channels including all the major sports channels. All the popular boxing tournaments and matches can be streamed on USTV because of its huge library of USTV Channels. That will work smoothly during the streaming sessions using a VPN.
  • 2. Buffstreams

    Best Online Browser with VPN


    Buffstreams is also a wonderful option to watch your favorite boxing tournaments from an easy interface from where you can easily have multiple sports to watch from a single streaming platform. Whether it be Soccer, Basketball, MMA, or rugby, you can easily live stream all the sports matches along with the recently held sports events. The upcoming sports event calendar is also there to alert the fans about upcoming events.
  • 3. Stream2Watch



    Stream2 watch is the perfect streaming option to watch the boxing and sports events that are held outside the US and if you live in the US then it will make the streaming of those tournaments easy and smooth. Especially the channels from Europe such as Eurosport, BBC, and Skysports are available on Stream2Watch.
  • 4. 123TV



    It is pretty similar to USTV Go and it offers wonderful unrestricted access to many live channels. This can also be an excellent place for boxing fans to watch their favorite bouts. It has around 100 channels in the US that can be easily streamed to watch sports and events and different programs.
  • 5. SportSurge



    This is another streaming platform to help you in watching all the major sports events including the favorite boxing bouts that you always want to enjoy. The smartly designed interface is very easy to navigate and picking your favorite sports event is too simple than you’ve ever thought. SportSurge not only streams boxing but also covers all the other sports such as NFL, soccer, and Rugby tournaments.


In this article, we have discussed and gave you a clear idea about the best Boxing website that can be watched for free to stream any popular Boxing tournament in the world. I hope this article would be helpful for you to get a better understanding about the Best free boxing streaming websites.

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