Best VPNs To Watch American TV Channels Abroad In June 2024

While traveling or living abroad for long durations one thing that helps when feeling homesick is watching some good American content from back home. But the biggest challenge you will face is access to the current seasons of shows aired back home or American shows dubbed in the local language of the country you are visiting. This is a real mood dampener for anyone who just wants to watch some TV and relax after a day’s work. The only way to keep up with current seasons while you are away in a foreign land is by using a VPN.


  • Encrypt everything automatically
  • Online game speeds will improve
  • Protected and secured voice chat
  • VPN for Torrents.
Works well with: Works with all OS

Here are our 5 Best VPNs To Watch American TV

So here is our list of top VPNs to use to watch American Channels while travelling abroad. These VPNs will give you access to all the American shows you miss while being away from home at the best speed and in HD without any interruptions. So read along and choose the best that suits your requirement.

Check our detail review

Here, we have provided the detailed reviews of each VPN with Features, What we Liked and What we don’t liked. Check them and choose the best based on your requirement

  • Windscribe is relatively new in the VPN market but one of the best VPN for Android. But you can earn extra 5GB data by sending tweets about the company, and when you invite a friend to sign up you will get extra 1GB data. Windscribe also gives the option of manually selecting the server you want to connect to.

    • Data limit: 10GB per month
    • Server locations: 60+
    • Number of servers: 400
    • No-logging policy: Yes
    • Maximum supported devices: Unlimited
    What we like
    • 10GB of data per month
    • Excellent privacy policy
    • Good streaming speed
    • Earn more data from completing the task
    What we don’t like
    • The app is not as simple as some others
    • No-kill switch

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  • is one of the safest free VPN services for android among all of them. It is also very easy to use and the only free VPN which has a kill switch on Android, and it comes with the no-logs policy.

    • Data limit: 10GB per month
    • Server locations: 70
    • Number of servers: 1700
    • No-logging policy: Yes
    • Maximum supported device: 1
    What we like
    • Ad Free
    • Sleek & simple Android app
    • Built-in VPN kill switch
    • 24/7 live chat feature
    What we don’t like
    • Slow international speed
    • Doesn’t work with Netflix

  • ProtonVPN’s main advantage over all of the other free VPNs is that it comes with unlimited data. ProtonVPN’s apps are easy to set up and use. Connections are secured with AES-256 encryption, and the Android app uses the most secure VPN protocol, OpenVPN. It also enforces a close to no-logs policy to further protect your anonymity.

    • Data limit: Unlimited
    • Server locations: 44
    • Number of servers: 628
    • No-logging policy: Yes
    • Maximum supported device: 1
    What we like
    • No data limit
    • Only need an email address to get started
    • Good security practices
    • Well-designed and functional Android app.
    What we don’t like
    • Free customers are deprioritized during heavy load on the server

  • It is a very secure VPN service that uses 256-Bit Encryption and maintains a no-logs policy. The user interface is also clean, simple and very appealing. The free version of TunnelBear provides 500 MB of free data per month but you can get extra 1gb by sending tweets about the company.

    • Data limit: 500MB per month
    • Server locations: 20+
    • Number of servers: 4000
    • No-logging policy: Yes
    What we like
    • Bypasses VPN blocks and deep packet inspection
    • Fast, user-friendly app
    • Strong encryption with AES 256-bit encryption
    What we don’t like
    • Only 500mb of data per month

  • Pure VPN has great reviews and is trusted by over a million users. PureVPN is loaded with loads of useful features and gives you decent performance. PureVPN offers absolute internet freedom with online privacy. Pure VPN has great reviews and is trusted by over a million users. It offers great geographical diversity as well so the speed is good.

    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Dedicated IP addresses
    • 6500+ servers, 140+ countries
    • Split Tunneling
    • Access to all servers
    • P2P enabled
    What we like
    • Really good features for the money paid
    • Apps and setup guides improve ease of use
    • Unblocks Netflix
    What we don’t like
    • Streaming servers should improve
    • No free trial

Why you need a VPN to access American Channels

American entertainment is the best in the world, everyone wants to watch it. But due to licensing and copyright laws, most of the content created is restricted to be aired only in the US. As almost all the US TV stations put their content on the internet you can watch channels like ABC, CBS, TNT, Fox, Hulu and NBC, and on-demand video libraries. Unfortunately, all these sites are geo-restricted and anyone wanting to access it from outside the US is blocked.

To get around these restrictions and enjoy your daily shows all you need is a VPN connection. A VPN will give you access to a US server and a US IP address which won’t be detected by the streaming platforms or websites you can stream to your heart’s content. A VPN will spoof your location and encrypt your data and online activity keeping you anonymous.

What to look for while choosing a VPN?

There are many VPNs that can give you access to geo-restricted content, choose one which has these features,

A vast global server network, high speeds for streaming, strong security measures, no-log policy, unblock American channels, multiple servers in the US to dodge sports blackouts, and a money-back guarantee.

How to watch US Channels on VPN?

Follow these simple steps to connect to US channels you wish to stream

  1. Sign-up for a VPN and download the app
  2. Log-in with your user id on the app
  3. Select a US server, if you wish to watch a channel from a specific region in the US select a server from there.
  4. Open the website or streaming site and enjoy.

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