5 Best & Most Popular VPNs To Access Banned Instagram In July 2024 – Working List

If you are trying to log in to Instagram while you are in China, Iran, or any other country, be ready to be disappointed as Instagram is blocked. That means anytime you try to log in from the website you would receive an error message, and if you log in with the app your feed will not refresh and you won’t receive any notification. You can’t even use Instagram to send or receive messages. The only alternative people living in this country have to connect with people in other parts of the world through Instagram is by using a VPN.

  • By using a VPN connection you can log-in to Instagram and also access the Instagram app for messaging and chatting with your family and friends in other parts of the world. There are numerous VPN service providers out there but only a few who are successful in bypassing the restrictions, here is a list of the VPN providers you should subscribe too.
Works well with: Works with all OS

Here are the Best VPNs To Access Banned Instagram

Check our detail review

Here, we have provided the detailed reviews of each VPN with Features, What we Liked and What we don’t liked. Check them and choose the best based on your requirement

  • Nord VPN is amazing with some of the best VPN services. It is one of the most preferred ones in India with great feedback on review sites. It offers great speed and has 5,000+ servers in over 60 countries. This VPN is the best suited for iOS devices as it offers 6 simultaneous devices to be connected in one subscription. It can unblock US Netflix as well as iPlayer and it provides fast connections for HD streaming. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This VPN is perfect to provide privacy from your ISP and to stay secure on public Wi-Fi without a hack.

    • DNS Leak protection
    • Secure and fast streaming
    • Number of server locations: 62+ countries
    • Number of servers: 5000+ worldwide.
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • Onion over VPN for extra security
    • Good speed
    • P2P Allowed
    What we like
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • No Logs Policy
    • Great Speeds
    What we don’t like
    • Relatively Expensive
    • It is definitely not the Fastest VPN

  • Hola VPN was launched in 2012 by the Israel-based Hola Networks Ltd. From the time it was launched it has amassed over 228 million users and is going strong. One of the reasons for gaining such popularity is that it’s the first peer-to-peer VPN service provider. Hola is not your conventional VPN with actual servers across the globe. In spite of that, it’s the most used VPN service provider. Hola can be used for Free as well as its Premium service with added benefits of unlimited data and high-security standards.

    • Thousand of Servers with millions of IPs
    • Choose IPs from 190 countries
    • Community Powered VPN
    • Unrestricted browsing experience
    • Easy to install App
    • High-speed VPN
    • VPN Extension for top four Browsers
    • Access to geo-restricted streaming services and games
    • The app is translated in over 30 different languages
    • Free VPN
    What we like
    • A vast number of nodes worldwide
    • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max+, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime
    • Fast speeds
    • Streams 4K video
    • Free VPN service
    What we don’t like
    • Limited Bandwidth for Free Plan
    • Shares your bandwidth and IP(For Free version)
    • Logs your data(For Free version users to avoid abuse)

  • SwitchVPN is a VPN provider which has a good networking capability to ensure that their users have seamless access to information, without breach of their privacy. It offers access to popular blocked sites on certain servers and offers unlimited bandwidth, among other advantages. The personal VPN provider has 145+ servers spread across 31 countries giving it the ability to offer online anonymity to its clients.SwitchVPN, deploy OpenVPN, solid encryption and allows up to 5 simultaneous connections. P2P torrenting is also allowed.

    • High-Security DNS
    • A wide international network of servers across multiple locations
    • 256-bit SSL encryption
    • High speed for gaming and streaming
    • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
    What we like
    • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • OpenVPN
    • Can be used for BBC iPlayer
    • Bitcoin Payment accepted
    What we don’t like
    • No free trial
    • Plenty of  logging and monitoring
    • Speed not up to the mark
    • Mobile apps limited
    • Netflix US not available

  • StrongVPN is a sister concerned for Reliable hosting, An American-based company established in 1994. It is later taken over by StackPath LLC, which also owns IPVanish. The company provides robust security and secured surfing to its users. This company offers unique services like diversion of bandwidth caps and prevention of hackers intervening on the internet.

    The company started in 1994 as a PC seller. Later it started selling dial-up internet services as California.net. A network of 660 servers around the globe helps to deliver honestly, and secured VPN services. The encrypted high-speed policy of the company ensures privacy to all its users. The services are spanned in multiple locations like the U.S., France, Australia, Japan, and Malaysia.

    • P2P: Allowed
    • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
    • Total servers: More than 950+
    • Number of country locations: 35; 59 cities
    • Price: $34.99 per year
    • VPN protocol: IKEv2
    • Data encryption: 256-bit AES
    • Handshake encryption: modp8192
    • Data authentication: SHA-512
    What we like
    • StrongVPN Works well with Netflix
    • Torrenting is allowed
    • The customer support is prompt, Quick, and helpful
    • Uses the best AES 256-encryption
    • No logs policy ensuring data safety
    What we don’t like
    • The speed is slow with some locations
    • The Privacy policy lacks details when given to the customer
    • There are very few features
    • No trial was given to the new user

  • PrivateVPN is a fast-growing VPN provider with an emphasis on providing top security and privacy. It offers its users high performance, coupled with unlimited bandwidth and server switches. It is more than a decade old, founded in 2009 with high browsing speeds for torrenting and surfing the web anonymously. It scores high speeds on almost all servers making it a great choice for streaming videos even in HD. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, helping potential customers try PrivateVPN risk-free. PrivateVPN works operating systems and has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Since they are from Sweden, their no-logs policy is strict.

    • Founded date: 2009
    • Has a Kill switch
    • No logs policy
    • 6 simultaneous connections per subscription
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    What we like
    • Seven –days money-back guarantee
    • Access restricted websites
    • Allows Netflix, Hulu, BBCiPlayer
    • Customer support 24/7
    What we don’t like
    • Questionable log policy due to cookies
    • Lack of transparency about terms of service

Is Instagram Banned In China?

Yes, Instagram is banned in china.

How does VPN helps to access banned Instagram?

A VPN spoofs your real location with an alternate IP address from a server selected by you, in this case, a server nearest to the country you are in, by changing the IP address you can access the banned sites without facing any difficulties.

Also, as a VPN encrypts all the data that leaves your device, your data and identity are private, thus making it impossible for anyone to know about your online activities. You can access any content you want without having to worry about spying your eyes.

How to unblock banned Instagram with VPN?

The most important step is to sign-up and downloads a VPN before visiting these countries. As you won’t be able to access VPN websites and download relevant apps from the play store as those will be censored too. To access Instagram while in the country follow these simple steps:

  • Sign-up for a VPN from the ones mentioned in our list as these work in both countries.
  • Download, install, and sign-up for the app before leaving your home country.
  • Select a server located outside these two countries, the nearest one would give you better speed.
  • Hit the connect button, once the connection is established open Instagram and use it normally.

What to look for in a VPN to access Instagram?

While selecting a VPN for both these countries which have a strong firewall, you need a VPN that can bypass these said restrictions. That should be the main feature you should be looking for. The other features are a vast server network across the globe, fast connecting speeds, the highest level of security encryption, no-log policy, and a money-back guarantee, in case the VPN did not unblock the content.

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