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Chrome is the most used web browser for its ease of use and features, as most of us use Chrome for all our online activities from online banking, to access our social media, or streaming our favorite shows it makes it that much more important that we use a VPN to keep all our online activity and data secure. There are a bunch of VPNs you can choose from for Chrome but it’s important that you choose the right one which is safe and secure. To help you choose the best Chrome VPN extension we have rounded up the best of the best and listed them below. Read along and choose the one which suits your need the best.
If you are looking for VPN Chrome Extensions these are the factors to consider:

  • Secure Web Browsing on Public WiFi
  • Bypass location-based streaming restrictions
  • Save money shopping online
  • Save money on flight tickets with VPN
  • Encrypt everything automatically
  • Online game speeds will improve
  • Protected and secured voice chat
  • VPN for Torrents.
Works well with: Works with all OS

Here are our Best VPN Chrome Extensions

Check our detail review

Here, we have provided the detailed reviews of each VPN with Features, What we Liked and What we don’t liked. Check them and choose the best based on your requirement

  • Nord VPN is amazing with some of the best VPN services. It is one of the most preferred ones in India with great feedback on review sites. It offers great speed and has 5,000+ servers in over 60 countries. This VPN is the best suited for iOS devices as it offers 6 simultaneous devices to be connected in one subscription. It can unblock US Netflix as well as iPlayer and it provides fast connections for HD streaming. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This VPN is perfect to provide privacy from your ISP and to stay secure on a public Wi-Fi without a hack.

    • DNS Leak protection
    • Secure and fast streaming
    • Number of server locations: 62+ countries
    • Number of servers: 5000+ worldwide.
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • Onion over VPN for extra security
    • Good speed
    • P2P Allowed
    What we like
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • No Logs Policy
    • Great Speeds
    What we don’t like
    • Relatively Expensive
    • It is definitely not the Fastest VPN

  • A veteran in the VPN industry, this is trusted by a majority across the world for its premium services, zero-logs policy, and strong OpenVPN encryption. It has servers in 94 countries and is known for its high speed. It also provides a kill switch and DNS leak protection. It unblocks Netflix US and BBC iPlayer and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

    • No connection or activity logs
    • VPN split channeling
    • Content from anywhere
    • Speed Test feature
    • 256-bit AES encryption
    • Offshore privacy protection
    • 24 hour chat support
    • Servers in 94 countries
    What we like
    • VPN Split Tunneling
    • 24 hour Chat Support
    • Apps for every Device
    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
    What we don’t like
    • Expensive compared to other Services
    • Advanced Configurations very limited

  • Ivacy VPN is a 10-year-old Singapore based service that is one of the best in the industry. One can use this server for downloading and streaming. This makes it a purposed based server. It is designed to fit all and serve as a one-size-fits-all solution. This allows users to skip all hassles that one can usually associate with finding more than one VPN for any desired experience

    • The blazing fast speed at any location and time
    • A network of 450+ servers in 100 locations worldwide
    • Unrestricted access that reduces all the limitations and one can access any global website
    • Secure and anonymous browsing for 100% security and privacy
    • It comes with an internet kill switch that shuts your activities
    • No log records are maintained
    What we like
    • Fast speed
    • Highly encrypted
    • Provides a solid 24/7 support
    • Unblocks Netflix
    • Best for torrent
    • P2P optimized servers
    • Well designed apps
    • Inexpensive
    • Secure network with great firewalls
    What we don’t like
    • Live chat option is not ideal for technical queries
    • Cannot connect in some countries

  • HideMyAss resolves all your problems. The pun of the name indicates the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider protects your privacy and security of data. If you are looking at safety, speed, and access in your VPN connection, then Hide your ass addresses them all. Your data is protected where ever you are accessing the internet. Your online activities will not be correlated with your location to safeguard your identity. It is a user authenticated enterprise VPN that lets you connect from anywhere in the world with a user name and password. The firm offers many secured encryption and various other tools for masking the links posted by the customer in many third-party tools. The hardware network has surpassed many limitations of VPN security and works at jet speed.

    • Server locations (Countries): 290 locations across 190 countries
    • Number of servers: 1100+
    • Number of devices per license: 5
    • Kill switch: Included
    • VPN logs: No
    • Number of IP Addresses: 110,000
    • Strong encryption with security assurance
    What we like
    • Good download speed
    • It allows Torrenting
    • It assures No logging
    What we don’t like
    • High cost compared with competitors
    • App crashes issue

  • CyberGhost is a Romania based VPN Service that allows it’s users to browse the internet without any inhibitions. It helps keep their internet connection secure and encrypted. CyberGhost uses one of the strongest industry-standard encryption – 256-bit AES as well as OpenVPN. It has a 45-day money-back guarantee which is much higher than the usual 30-day offer of other VPNs. To get your hands on the latest CyberGhost VPN coupons and discount offers, keep track of this space and watch out on their site during festive seasons too.

    • Number of Server Locations is over 90 countries
    • The platforms and devices covered are Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Router. Apart from the standard platform, CyberGhost covers routers also.
    • The browser extensions are also available for Firefox and Chrome.
    • The Orion Router or TOR is an anonymous network that relays the customer data through various servers practically making it impossible to scout your identity.
    What we like
    • Seven –days money-back guarantee
    • Zero traffic log
    • User-friendly apps for all the devices
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Anonymous torrenting
    What we don’t like
    • The interface on the desktop can be a bit clunky at times
    • Doesn’t bypass the Great Firewall of China

Why do you need a VPN for Chrome?

Chrome is a user-friendly browser that is versatile, stable, and secure. The fact it allows you to customize the browser by adding extensions converts it into your personal browser within no time. Having said that when your device is connected to the internet there is no saying who is watching and observing your every movement while you’re going about your day booking tickets, making online payments, or streaming your favorite show.

When you download a VPN extension it will make sure all the data that leaves your device is encrypted and not even your ISP can find out which sites you are viewing or any other online activity you get into. A VPN will make sure that your data is secure and online activity hidden from the prying eyes of hackers, ISPs, and government agencies trying to snoop into your personal life.

Apart from the security, a Chrome VPN extension will also give you access to geo-restricted content from streaming platforms, regional sporting events, restricted websites, spoof your location while you are on a holiday to you can access online banking or binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix from your country.

What to look for while choosing a Chrome VPN Extension

There is a wide range of add -ons for Chrome are extensions from VPN service providers. To choose the right one check out these features,

There are two Chrome VPNs from which you need to choose the one that suits your requirement,
A Chrome VPN extension that allows you to control the desktop app from within Chrome. Then there are browser extensions, which are great if your device does not allow you to download and install VPN.

The other features that you need to check out our international server coverage, feature-rich chrome extension, reliable and fast, no-log policy, unblock geo-restricted data and allow to access torrenting sites and download.

Does Chrome have a VPN?

No, though Chrome offers a number of striking features that are user-friendly it does not offer an in-built VPN. But it does support and is compatible with a VPN extension.

What can a Chrome VPN extension do?

Other than keeping your data secure and identity is hidden from hackers and prying eyes a VPN also has some in-depth features like blocking your location from websites, blocking the camera and microphone access, third-party cookie blocking, WebRTC leak protection, flash blocking or disabling, hyperlink auditing or credit card form auto fill-up.

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