Best 5 VPN for Dark Web In July 2024 – Just Updated

The dark web refers to an underground network of websites that are usually hidden from the rest of the world and work anonymously. The conventional search engines are not capable enough to reach the dark web as they use indexes of links for that. On the other hand, the Dark web uses specific accounts, databases, and documents. Here we will give you a simple idea about the Best 5 VPN for Dark Web.

Going on Dark Web without VPN, Is it a good idea?

Browsers like Tor are developed to work out on the dark web layer of the network but in some countries like China, they are completely banned or restricted. Here the term ‘dark web VPN’ comes into the picture which recommends you to run browsers such as Tor inside a VPN to access the dark web.

In this Guide, we will help you to get an idea about the Best VPN for the dark web that will make you access the dark web in a couple of minutes.

Here are our Best 5 VPN for Dark Web in 2024
Check our detailed review of Best 5 VPN for Dark Web

Here, we have provided the detailed reviews of each VPN with Features, What we Liked and What we don’t liked. Check them and choose the best based on your requirement

  • Nord VPN has emerged as the best perfect compatible option for people who want to gain access to the Dark web network. Apart from the conventional VPN features, you get some additional dark web features such as ‘Tor over VPN’ that divert your traffic towards the TOR network when it comes out from the VPN tunnel.

    • DNS Leak protection
    • Secure and fast streaming
    • Number of server locations: 62+ countries
    • Number of servers: 5000+ worldwide.
    • Good speed
    • P2P Allowed
    What we like
    • Strict Zero Log Policy
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • Onion or Tor Over VPN
    • Bitcoin Acceptance
    What we don’t like
    • Supports torrenting on some specific servers.
    • Lack of user-friendliness in Open VPN configuration.
  • Express VPV is a leader in the market to give an anonymous experience to the people over the years. Now it has come up with its Dark web capabilities and offered many features other than its traditional anonymous functionalities to access the dark web. It hosts mirror sites on a dedicated server that can be accessed using the TOR browser.

    • No connection or activity logs
    • VPN split channeling
    • Content from anywhere
    • Speed Test feature
    • 256-bit AES encryption
    • Offshore privacy protection
    • Servers in 94 countries
    What we like
    • Extraordinary security
    • Strict Zero log policy
    • Functions in China and UAE
    • 24/7 Chat support
    What we don’t like
    • The server drop is quite evident
    • Pretty Expensive than its rivals
  • Surfshark also makes it possible to access the dark web anonymously. You can take advantage of various features such as AES encryption, IPV6 Protection, and DNS leaks to stay anonymous when you try to reach the dark web. It helps you to reach out the dark websites with the help of dark web browsers.

    • The blazing fast speed at any location and time
    • A network of 3200+ servers in 78 Countries worldwide
    • Unrestricted access that reduces all the limitations and one can access any global website
    • Secure and anonymous browsing for 100% security and privacy
    • It comes with an internet kill switch that shuts your activities
    • No logs maintained excluding IPs
    What we like
    • Amazing ultra speed
    • Multi-hop connection
    • GPS Spoofing
    • Rapid Wire-guard protocol
    What we don’t like
    • Weak customer support
    • Split tunneling is not available for ios.
  • Cyberghost helps people to access the dark web with the help of the Tor Browser. You can easily run Tor Browser inside the VPN tunnel and access the confidential content present on the Dark web. The ‘Surf anonymous Option’ helps out to keep your identity hidden while you make your entry into the world of the Dark web.

    • Server locations (Countries): 75 locations
    • Number of servers: 1600+
    • Number of devices per license: 10
    • VPN logs: No
    • Anonymous torrenting
    • Unlimited P2P traffic
    • No limit on server switching
    • Excellent customer support
    What we like
    • Broad Network around the globe
    • Ultra-fast Speeds
    • 256 AES Encryption
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • DNS Leak protection
    • Strong compatibility with Tor browser
    What we don’t like
    • Open VPN Speeds are not impressive
    • Weak support as compared to rivals
  • Tunnel Bear can also be a helpful way to cross the Dark web entrance gate. It comes with all the required functionalities that are necessary to keep you safe and hidden while accessing the dark web world. A dark web browser like Tor can easily work inside the Tunnel bear VPN so that your identity and activities in the dark web remain anonymous.

    • Number of Server Locations is over 90 countries
    • The platforms and devices covered are Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Router. Apart from the standard platform, CyberGhost covers routers also.
    • The browser extensions are also available for Firefox and Chrome.
    • The Orion Router or TOR is an anonymous network that relays the customer data through various servers practically making it impossible to scout your identity.
    What we like
    • 256 Bit AES Encryption
    • Strict No Log Policy
    • Obfuscation
    • Supports Onion or Tor Browser
    What we don’t like
    • Over burdens the system memory
    • Split bear is not impressive.


In this article we have given you a clear idea about the Dark web VPNs and have done a detailed reviews of all those VPNs. I hope this article would be helpful for you to get a better understanding of the best VPNs for dark web.

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