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Air VPN Review and Expert’s Opinion Air VPN

Ranked 35 out of 80
Air VPN Review
Air VPN Review
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Air VPN Review
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Air VPN is a revolutionary VPN service that was created in 2010 in Italy by some activists and hacktivists working in favor of net neutrality and privacy. It started with an exciting slogan “The air to breathe the real internet”. It majorly focused on providing privacy and online freedom to users by fighting against the policies of censorship. This can be the best VPN for users who want complete freedom and power to break the nexus of online censorship.


Air VPN provides you with all the major features that you desire from a professional VPN. It gives you complete security and privacy. It has deployed Open VPN and Wireguard (Beta version) to achieve the highest level of security and privacy. Air VPN respects your privacy by giving it the top consideration and for that, they have induced a strict no-log policy. This will make sure that the online activities and interests of a user would not be shared with any private companies for business interests. Air VPN gives a full commitment that all the IPs and other data are kept completely untouched by any third party or person. If you are a strong supporter of net neutrality and online freedom then this could be the right choice for you.

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Features offered by Air VPN

Simply designed interface

The interface offered by Air VPN is quite simple and there are no overwhelming options that can confuse a first-time user.

Strict no log policy

Air VPN gives you a strict commitment to discard all your logs and activities from sharing with any third party companies for business interests or purposes.

Kill switch

Kill switch is a wonderful and mandatory feature offered by Air VPN that automatically cuts off your connection in case of any mishappening with the connection.

Open VPN and WireGuard protocol

Air VPN uses the super safe Open VPN and WireGuard protocol for quick speed, latency, and strong encryption to give you an exceptional experience of using a VPN.

256- Bit AES encryption standards

It uses the 256- Bit AES encryption standards in its connection to keep you safe from any privacy leak and hacking attempts.

Perfect Forward Policy

Perfect Forward Policy provides additional safety aginst the eavesdropping of the encrypted data used in the connection.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling helps you to route some of your important data and applications through the VPN tunnel while the normal applications can be bypassed through the VPN.

Leak Protection

Leak protection technology helps you out to safeguard your privacy when the VPN fails to mask the IP addresses with its own configured IP.

Supported Devices and OS

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MAC



Pros & Cons

  • High speed servers
  • Torrenting can be performed
  • Leak proof and virus free
  • Pricing is Flexible
  • Tor Support
  • Small VPN server network
  • 24/7 live chat support is not there
  • Installations process is not for easy for the beginners
  • Not able to Unblock Netflix USA


The final verdict about Air VPN is that it is the perfect VPN for users who want complete online freedom and support the net neutrality opposing all types of online censorships.


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