Tor Browser Review in 2024

Tor Browser Review and Expert’s Opinion

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Aloha VPN Review
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Aloha VPN Review
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For anonymous web browsing and defense against traffic analysis, there is the Tor (the onion routing) browser. Onion routing is a method employed by the Tor browser. Users can browse the internet anonymously thanks to the peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay network known as the onion router. The source and destination of data transported over the network are hidden using onion routing’s numerous levels of encryption. It is made so that internet conversation cannot be watched or censored by anyone. Access to the dark web is made possible by the Tor browser. The Tor network has a number of acceptable purposes, despite the fact that many people identify the dark web with illicit activities. These include using the internet to communicate or to browse in nations that censor it.

This article provides a thorough Tor VPN Browser review for Windows, including a look at several key factors that should be taken into account before choosing a web browser.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Tor Browser has an easy-to-use interface with an address bar, bookmark options, and a shield icon to select the level of security. The Reset identity icon is also placed in the same tab for smooth practicality. Also, the handy burger icon is also there on the same tab to access all the information and setting options directly.



Connecting to the Tor networks is also pretty easy and it takes only one click to get connected over the Tor network which is also called the “Dark web world”.

Tor connecting

Tor Connected


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Speed speed

The speed of the Tor browser is below average when we checked it in the speed test and the speed of this VPN browser is compromised after getting connected to the Tor network.Tor Browser Review


Security security

Tor browser successfully disguised the IP of the current location to any location in Germany. It performed exceptionally well in this security test.Tor Browser Review

Talking about the DNS server of the ISP, it does not mask the DNS addresses but keeps their identity completely blocked because zero DNS servers were detected in the tests.

Tor Browser Review

The Geolocation was also hidden successfully by the Tor browser in these security tests.

Tor Browser Review


Tor Browser Review

These tests and results demonstrated its strength in the security section despite its prior promises to give exceptional privacy together with fantastic ad-blocking capabilities. When we talk about security settings, The base level and two additional levels of protection are all available on the Tor browser. The degree of protection offered by each level varies, with the highest level offering the most protection.


Compatibility Tor Browser Review

Tor Browser is available for almost all the major platforms that are being used in today’s technology era. The Compatible platform are Windows, MacOS, Android , Linux.


Pricing Tor Browser Review

Tor browser is a community-based product that is completely Free for all the major platforms.



Features Features


  • Tracker Blocking
  • Resist Fingerprinting
  • Defend against surveillance
  • Multi-layered Encryption
  • Browse Freely


Pros & Cons

  • No censorship, surveillance, or tracking
  • Choice of leading search engines
  • Abundant browser and security settings
  • Flawed search engine results
  • Slow performance


Tor Browser is, in the end, the greatest option for those who wish to visit the dark web while also having a safe and secure browsing experience.


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