Share VPN Review – Is It Legitimate and Worthy to Use?

Share VPN is a VPN that hit the market with its great features and in a short period, it gained a good amount of popularity in the market. You will be surprised to know that it is ranking at the topmost position on the list of free VPNs in the Indian market as well. All of these accomplishments are due to the simplicity and user-friendliness of the share VPN. It is committed to providing you with fast and reliable speeds but at the same time, it ensures the privacy of your data and connection.

But are all these commitments made by share VPN are true on the ground or not? Let’s find out.

Is Share VPN legitimate ?

Share VPN is free and it feels quite legitimate to be used. Like if we consider all the free VPNs some of them tend to have illegitimate and trustless. They offer you many lucrative things and in return, they get access to your system or device. Share VPN proclaims itself quite legitimate to use but we filtered out some of its flaws that point out the legitimacy issues related to that. Many times when we tried to play some of the games like free fire, the whole screen got stuck and suddenly a black screen appeared. At that time, we felt that someone is illicitly observing our VPN connection. So even if share VPN proclaims itself the best legitimate VPN, it still has some drawbacks which you can experience when you will start using it.

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Features offered by Share VPN

Unlimited and Fast

It gives you 100% unlimited and fast VPN services so that you can browse and stream over the internet without any hassles and interference. But the advertisements will make your experience disgusting and they appear right from the start and the loading of the application.

Stronger Data protection

It gives you disguised freedom by hiding your real IP address and encrypting your traffic completely. Nobody will be able to detect your presence over a specific website or a specific service. But when we tested it for review, sometimes a slight leakage was felt in the data security over the connection and this would also act as a drawback for share VPN.

User friendly

Share VPN gives you user-friendly functions that are simple and easy to operate. So a new user who is not an expert in using VPN can easily connect to the VPN servers of share VPN and enjoy the services.

Supported Devices and OS

Share VPN only supports Android devices and you can enjoy its services on Android devices. But what about the users who want to enjoy its services on the other devices? Share VPN must extend its services for the other devices as well.

How to install Share VPN ?

  • Simply visit and click on the Download in the menu. You will be redirected to the google play store.
  • Share VPN

  • Simply download it from the play store and open it.
  • Share VPN

  • Click on Agree to accept its privacy policy.
  • Share VPN

  • The home screen will appear from where you can select the server of your choice and click on connect slider.
  • Share VPN

  • A dialog box will appear which will ask you to set up a VPN connection .Click on ok and you will get connected to the VPN.
  • Share VPN

  • To Disconnect the VPN, simply click on the slider again.

Share VPN Video Tutorial

Does it maintain logs?

A VPN gives you the guarantee of not tracking your internet activities and gives you the freedom to roam over the internet freely without getting worried. Share VPN keeps the minimal logs or information which does not come under the category of personal data. It generally stores the summary statistics for apps, app versions, and VPN connections. Personal information such as real addresses, Email addresses, files, etc is not collected and saved by share VPN. But there is a slight possibility that the minimal information that is being collected by share VPN can be sold to the marketing giants to grab the behavior of the user for further analyzing its interests in the online market.

Does Share VPN provides support?

Share VPN Provides support through the medium of E-mail only and that is its biggest drawback. In case of any issues you can easily contact share VPN through the medium of E-mails but you will not get solutions to your issues immediately. This is another disadvantage that we felt while using the share VPN services.

Do share VPN harms the phone?

Share VPN does not harm the phone at all nor does it make a bad impact on the performance of the phone as well but when we use share VPN for a long time, the processing of the phone or the android device is affected slightly.

Does share VPN hack your phone?

As share VPN does not have such malicious codes that can steal your personal data and traps you in a hack. But sometimes it is felt that our connection has been trapped and the connection gets stuck. At that time we felt that someone is managing our connection illicitly.


The final statement Share VPN is that it stands at the topmost position today in the category of free VPNs. Apart from that if you want to enjoy fast services then you can switch to share VPN for free

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