Aloha VPN Browser Review

Aloha VPN Browser Review and Expert’s Opinion

Ranked 46 out of 75
Aloha VPN Review
Aloha VPN Review
Ease of Use
Aloha VPN Review
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Aloha is a leading player in the VPN regime and is known to give excellent VPN services to its customers. The universal selling point about Aloha is that it has packed all the core features and functionalities in a Web browser instead of deploying a separate VPN to safeguard security and privacy. This facilitates the users to enjoy a safe browsing experience without managing a separate full-time VPN. Aloha VPN is currently working seamlessly on Android and ios platforms but now it has jumped into the competition by launching its Windows version for PCs.

In this article we have analyzed the Beta version Aloha VPN browser for Windows on some crucial aspects which are very essential to be considered before picking up any Web browser and made a detailed Aloha VPN Browser review, especially with a built-in VPN-based Web Browser.

Ease of Use Ease of Use

Aloha Browser is very easy to use and you can access all its functionalities directly through the main dashboard. Its interface is pretty similar to Google Chrome and at this point, it beats down all its competitors. Now if a user is familiar with Google chrome then it would be effortless for him to switch and start using Aloha Browser.

Aloha Browser ease of use


An easy, familiar, and smart dashboard makes it the perfect tool for a safe browsing experience. To Connect with the VPN services you need to click on the shield icon placed near the address bar. All the browser customization and control settings can be easily accessed through the triple dot icon placed on the top right-hand side. Bookmarks and sharing options are also placed on the address bar for enhanced practicality. Overall, we can say that it is pretty easy for first-time users and they would not take much time to get familiar with it.


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Speed speed

Speed had always been a crucial aspect when we talk about VPN browsers and Aloha Browser has performed just below average in the speed test battle. It means that from the speed point of view, it is not good as was expected.

Aloha browser speed test


Security security

When we analyzed the security of the Aloha browser it performed quite impressively as compared to some of its competitors. It was able to hide the IP address successfully.

Aloha security test

Now the amazing thing about the Aloha browser in this analysis was that it was also able to hide the DNS addresses of the ISP successfully.

Aloha DNS test

It also stood tall when it comes to hiding the Geolocation of the IP address.

Aloha Geolocation


As it has already promised to deliver military-grade encryption along with wonderful Ad blocking capabilities but these tests and results had proven its strength in the security department.


Compatibility iTop VPN Browser Review

Today Aloha is available to be used on Android and ios platforms but in this article, we are testing the Beta version of Windows-compatible Aloha and it is doing wonders. The full-fledged Windows version will be rolled out soon, as the Beta version is still in the testing phase. After reading this review you can also download and use the Beta version.


Pricing iTop VPN Browser Review

The pricing on which the Aloha browser is offered is pretty negligible as you got all the essential core features absolutely free. But if you want advanced functionalities and multiple options then the premium paid version is the best one to choose.




Features Features


In Free Version

  • Comes with Military grade encryption
  • Advanced data compression technique
  • Strict No logs policy
  • Useful Adblocker
  • Secure File manager
  • Private mode to cut trackers for additional protection

In Paid premium version

  • Premium fast servers
  • Multiple options for choosing a VPN country or Darkweb
  • Auto Enable option on browser start-up
  • Folder locking option
  • Archive and Unarchive option with ZIP support
  • Fast downloading with multi-threads
  • Premium wallpapers and color themes


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited VPN connection
  • DNS based Ad blocker
  • A secure option to access the Dark Web
  • Separate VPN connection with torrent servers for secure download
  • Windows version is in the testing phase
  • There no so many VPN server options to choose


The final verdict about Aloha VPN is that it is the best choice for users who want to safeguard their privacy along with a safe and secure browsing experience.


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