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Mozilla VPN is a VPN provided by the popular firefox browser corporation. Initially it was developed as a browser extension for Mozilla firefox but now it has evoloved as full fledged VPN. It keeps you completely safe on the networks while you are surfing or browsing the internet. It has scattered its servers in more than 30 countries to make its network more strong for uninterrupted connection. It is committed to give you the desired privacy which was a dream for you.


Mozilla VPN was a part of Mozilla Firefox browser as an extension but later it was given the power of a full fledged VPN to provide a great privacy policy along with modern encryption techniques along with extra secure protocols. To help achieve those level of privacy and security , it is using the reliable network of Mullavad. Now Let us conduct a brief Mozilla VPN Review to help it understand in a better way.

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Features offered by Mozilla VPN

P2P friendly Support

Peer to Peer support supports a VPN when you try to download the same data from several sources. Mozilla VPN provides you that extreme Peer to Peer support for convenient downloading.

Multi-Hop VPN

Multi-hop functionality helps to improve your anonymity and it moves your identity to different locations and pretends you are a person from a third country or location.

Split tunneling

With the help of split tunneling, you can select which apps will ps through the VPN and which are allowed to work without the VPN.

IPV6 Support

You don’t need to worry about IPv6 leaks as it gives full IPv6 support throughout the connection.

Ad/Tracker blocking

Mozilla gives you the option to choose your DNS server which is capable of blocking the trackers.

Wireguard Protocol

Mozilla supports the latest and secure Wireguard protocol to strengthen your privacy and keep you safe from malicious hacking attempts.

Supported Devices and OS

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MAC


  • Plan Name
    No. of
  • 12 Month
    Save 50%

Pros & Cons

  • Interactive user interface
  • Comes from the trusted Mozilla brand
  • Zero logs
  • Smart Kill switch
  • Multiple connections from different locations for Firefox users
  • Pretty affordable price
  • Not able to unblock Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney plus
  • Support Wiregurad protocol only
  • No support for manual router configuration or settings
  • No Live chat support


The final verdict about Mozilla VPN is that it is the best VPN for users who are want an affordable VPN and do not need extraordinary advanced features.


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