Luminati Review

Luminati Review

Luminati Review

Review and Expert’s Opinion Luminati

Ranked 2
Ease of Use
  • Starter Plans @ $500/month
  • Production Plans @ $1,000/month
  • Plus Plan @ $3,400/month
  • Enterprise Plan @ $30,000/month
No of. IPS and Locations
72,000,000+ IPs Around the world
Being one of the best proxy services in the world, Luminati has done justice to both residential and commercial purposes. Besides the popularity, the website accounts for several benefits and features alongside. With top-notch encryption, leveled-up features, and leak-proof security services, you can hardly face any issue perusing through the browsers online.


Lately, VPNs have grown into great popularity, resulting in the rise of VPN services. The real confusion, however, steps in when you are asked to choose one among the various options available in the market. Given such top-notch features, it is tough to decide the one you can reap the benefits from.

Recently, the VPN services by Luminati has grown in popularity, and reviewing them isn’t really a bad idea. Right? So, let’s dive into the specifications, and decide whether they really do justice to their ethics or not.


  • Automated Data Intelligence
  • Avail of hassle-free data unblocking
  • Doesn’t require coding
  • Equipped with the latest Search Engine Crawler
  • Integrated Proxy IPs
  • Can surf through the web without proxy
  • Easy to use a browser extension
  • Edit proxy settings at ease


For the individuals who watch out for their site, you can discover extraordinary arrangements incidentally which lessens the expense. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for, and Luminati offers some incredible administrations out there! So those searching for quality will discover it’s totally worth the cost

Plan Name: Starter

  • Data Center: $0.60/IP, $0.095/GB
  • Residential: $12.50/GB
  • Static Residential: $12.50/GB, $0.50/IP
  • Mobile: $30.00/GB
  • Price: $500/month

Plan Name: Production

  • Data Center: $0.55/IP, $0.085/GB
  • Residential: $10.00/GB
  • Static Residential: $10.00/GB, $0.50/IP
  • Mobile: $28.00/GB
  • Price: $1,000/month

Plan Name: Plus

  • Data Center: $0.50/IP, $0.07/GB
  • Residential: $8.50/GB
  • Static Residential: $8.50/GB$0.50/IP
  • Mobile: $26.00/GB
  • Price: $3,400/month

Plan Name: Enterprise

  • Data Center: $0.40/IP, $0.05/GB
  • Residential: $3.00/GB
  • Static Residential: $3.00/GB, $0.50/IP
  • Mobile: $15.00/GB
  • Pricing: $30,000/month


Recollect that a dominant part of VPN suppliers guarantee that they don’t keep log documents, however, there are some VPN administrations with a faulty logging strategy. Be that as it may, Luminati plots all information it gathers.
  • The Choice of VPN worker areas
  • Dates when associated with the VPN administration
  • The aggregate sum of information moved every day


Luminati, of all the other VPN service providers, appears to be the best one when it comes to speed. The network is quite powerful and can be availed of almost in every country. However, here are a few things you can do to enhance the speed.
  • Length of the excursion – when making a solicitation to an objective site, your solicitation goes between various workers until arriving at the network that the site is facilitated on, and afterward, the needed data is returned back to you. The more drawn out the distance between you and the objective site, the more extended the solicitation will take.
  • Engineering – when making a solicitation through an intermediary, it implies you are adding a couple of more organization fragments to the excursion of that solicitation and this is alluded to as a bounce. Rather than experiencing the standard course, presently you need to experience at any rate 1 more bounce, the worker facilitating your IPs. Much of the time, there will be more than one additional jump, however, this relies upon the design of your specialist organization. The less the quantity of jumps the quicker your solicitations.
  • Transfer speed (BW) – the Datacenter IPs you use are facilitated on a worker and every worker is arranged with a specific BW limit. A worker with a 1 gigabyte for every subsequent association, for instance, can run more traffic through it in a given second than a worker with a 100 megabyte for each subsequent limit. This implies that in the event that you and numerous different clients are utilizing IPs facilitated on a similar worker, lower transfer speed could imply that a client’s solicitations will get ‘stuck’ in a bottleneck hindering the intermediary speeds. Higher transfer speed, nonetheless, would save time and empower solicitations to perform quicker.
  • Focal Processing Unit (CPU) use – various workers have various volumes of CPU assets, a CPU can likewise be updated or minimized by the client. A worker with a low CPU measures fewer demands than a worker with a higher CPU.


  • Plan Name
    Data Center
  • STARTER Plan
    $0.60/IP, $0.095/GB
    $0.55/IP, $0.085/GB
  • PLUS Plan
    $0.50/IP, $0.07/GB

Pros & Cons

  • Flexible payment options
  • Serves more than 72,000,000+ IPs Around the world
  • Uptime Network
  • Prompt Response Time
  • Avail Open Source Proxy Tools
  • Provides unlimited concurrent connections
  • Cost-effective services
  • Requires previous knowledge
  • Need to edit the proxy settings

More About Luminati

Customer Support

The customer support of Luminati is one of the most important feature points, which tend to grab the customers. The team is there 24×7 to help out the customers and make the process easy for them.

Payment Options

Luminati Accepts payment from Visa, Master Debit and Credit Cards, American Express Cards, AliPay, PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire Tarnsfers

Money Back Guarantee

In case you decide that the service is not suitable for your needs, you will be granted 3 days to claim back your used balance.

Our Take

Thorough they are slightly on the expensive side, Luminati, with its top-notch encryption and protocols, is worth giving a try!