How to Unblock YouTube Videos

How to Unblock YouTube Videos


Youtube is one of the most popular platforms in the world that is accessed by people for entertainment and informational purposes in all the major countries around the world. But while accessing youtube you will find that some of the videos are blocked and you are not allowed to access and watch those videos. In this discussion, we will discuss all the possible ways about ‘How to Unblock YouTube Videos’.

In this article, we will try to analyze the reasons behind the blocking of youtube videos and will figure out the possible and effective solutions to unblock youtube videos.



Possible reasons responsible for the blocking of youtube videos

Network configuration or settings

Network configuration is one of the common factors that might be responsible for the blocking of youtube videos and it depends on your local network which is restraining you from accessing youtube.

Technical faults or problems

A technical fault or problem with the video or that particular channel can also abstain you to access youtube videos.

Broadcasting rights

Sometimes the broadcasting rights prevent you to access videos that are not available in your location. This can also be possible in the case when some content from any third party is used by the channel owners without taking its concern.

National censorship

This can be another possible reason for the blocking of youtube videos and is generally seen in the countries such as China and North Korea

Best VPNs that you can try to Unblock YouTube Videos in 2024


How to unblock Youtube videos

Unblocking with a VPN

This is the most popular, impressive, and safest way to unblock youtube videos. A VPN will simply encrypt your traffic by hiding the IP address and make you anonymous by changing your physical server to any other suitable location. This can be the easiest way to unblock youtube videos by pretending yourself as a person living in a different country where the restrictions are not applicable. For example, if you are living in china but the VPN will change your location to the US.

HTTPS Unblocking

Most organizations set up those youtube blocking restrictions manually within their network. If you will research thoroughly then you will observe that the list of the blocked websites by the organization has a website with HTTP and you can add an ‘S’ to make it HTTPS. Now the HTTPS version of the website would not be present in the list of blocked websites and you can easily access it.

Using a proxy server

Proxy servers are another good option to unblock youtube videos as they work in a similar way to the VPN. But it is not capable to provide you the same type of security and privacy as a VPN throughout the connection. Many times the proxy servers are overloaded and make your connection sluggish and slow. So try to find a good proxy server with ample performance to unlock the youtube videos.

Downloading videos by bypassing the geographic barriers

This can be also a dedicated solution to your problem if you have enough storage space to save those downloaded youtube videos which are not available in your region or country. A Third party downloader can easily download the blocked youtube videos in a media file form and then you can watch them without any problems.

Unblocking through Tor Browser

Tor browser is very popular for accessing the dark web as it has a triple-layered encryption feature that lets you change your IP address to a different location. The Tor browser will connect you through three different nodes located in three different countries and you will be able to watch those blocked videos without any problem. But the speed of the connection would be sacrificed because the connection is through different nodes. To do that you need to simply open the torcc configuration file and paste the two-letter code of the desired country between the columns of Entry and Exit nodes present in the config file.


Finaly we can conclude that there are many possible ways to inblock YouTube videos but you can pick the best one which we have analyzed and mentioned here to get the job done.

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