Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Amazon Prime in 2024

Best Christmas Movies to watch on Amazon Prime in 2024

Best Christmas Movies to watch with Amazon prime

Christmas festival is filled with joy, happiness, and plenty of celebrations and on that occasion, you can enjoy wonderful movies of different genres. For watching those wonderful movies Amazon Prime is the best place as it has a mammoth library of movies and TV shows. But movie catalogs can be restricted to a particular country or region and A VPN is necessary to watch out for your favorite movie on Amazon Prime. Here we have mentioned the Best Christmas Movies to watch with Amazon Prime along with the Christmas celebrations.

How to watch your favorite movies with Amazon Prime this Christmas?

If you want to enjoy your favorite Christmas movies on the festival occasion with Amazon prime then a VPN is strongly required for that purpose because it will extract out all the Amazon Prime movie catalogs that are blocked due to the Geographic restriction on any particular region. The VPN would make you anonymous and pretend you as a user from the same country so that you can easily stream your favorite Christmas movies this festival season.

Here we will discuss the popular Movies that you can enjoy this Christmas sitting on your cushion comfortable sofa and with a hot cup of coffee in your hand. Along with that, we will also mention the top best VPNs that can unlock Amazon prime, so that you can easily stream those Christmas movies without any disturbance.

Best 5 VPN to watch your favorite Christmas movies with Amazon prime in 2024
Best Christmas Movies to Watch On Amazon Prime in 2024
  • 1. It’s a Wonderful Life

    This is one of the top Christmas movies of all time that is filled with joy, drama, and comedy to make your Christmas festival memorable and enjoyable. The story revolves around a desperate businessman who meets an angel to get an idea about his true existence in life.
  • 2. Arthur Christmas

    Arthur’s Christmas animated movie would be loved more by the children on the occasion of the Christmas festival. The story is about Arthur, the clumsy son of Santa who sets out on a tough mission with Grandsanta to deliver a Christmas present to a young girl on the North pole of the world before Christmas morning dawns.
  • 3. Miracle on the 34th street

    Here is the best Christmas comedy film that you would ever watch in your life as it is filled with exciting drama and comedy scenarios. A person who is hired to pose as Santa Claus claims himself as the real one and from this point the story goes up and down until its end.
  • 4. Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You

    It is a must-watch Christmas film for kids who love to watch out animated films. The plot of this movie has a young girl who wants to have her own small doggies and then she got a chance of puppy sitting his uncle’s dog to prove herself right and live out her dreams.
  • 5. Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas

    If you want to sore your stomach from laughing then this comedy film would make you cry with laughter. Madea and her friend make a surprise visit to her daughter living in the countryside and then the story blats out with comedy crackles as the film moves ahead.
  • 6. The Christmas Candle

    Christmas dramas are always exciting to watch and you can stream this amazing movie where a person desiring to modernize an English town get a minister position and then he messes up with a magical candle that has its own mysterious stories.
  • 7. Scrooged

    Scrooged is the perfect Christmas movie for you if you are a great fan of drama, Comedy, and fantasy. It is the story of a cynical television executive who gets haunted by three magical spirits and these spirits are busy bearing lessons to the people on the Christmas


    In this article, we have mentioned the list of the best Christmas movies that you can watch on this festival season along with the best VPNs that you should pick to watch those movies without any hassles and interruptions.