Best 5 Free Proxies servers in 2024

Last Updated: March 2024

In recent times we need a quick solution to hide your identity over the internet to browse anonymously without being tracked by the advertisers, Marketing agencies and search engines. For that purpose VPNs are used but if you need a quick solution ,you can go with the proxy servers available in the market today.

Here we have handpicked the best Proxies that are available in the market today for free and you can choose the best that fits as per your requirements.

  • 1
    (19 reviews)
    • 45 servers in 41 locations with a no-log policy
    • 99.9% server Availability
    • 128-bit encryption
    • Access to HD Video content with Stable connections
  • 2
    (19 reviews)
    • Anonymous Browsing
    • Bypass Filters
    • Popular sites supported (You Tube, Facebook)
    • Global access from anywhere
  • 3
    (19 reviews)
    • Surf Privately
    • Bypass every Filter
    • Advanced Encryption
    • Comes with zero Advertisements
  • 4
    (19 reviews)
    • Multiple locations of Proxy server
    • 256-bit SSL-encryption
    • Unblock YouTube and Facebook
    • Do not require any additional software
  • 5
    (19 reviews)
    • Capable to unblock any website
    • Zero log policy
    • Supports protocols such as WireGuard, OpenVPN etc.
    • Works on popular web browsers

Best Proxies

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